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Published on January 15th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Has Supercharger Routes Up & Down & Around The US (Map)

January 15th, 2014 by  

Tesla Motors announced the other day that it had “just opened a bunch of Superchargers to help us get closer to energizing our cross-country route!” The announcement came through twitter, as you can see in the tweet below.

If you follow the link provided, you get to the Tesla Supercharger page, where you can see that there are Supercharger routes up and down both the East & West Coast, as well as a wavy route across the US. Also, ironically, despite not being able to sell cars in Texas, there’s a strong patch of Superchargers in East Texas. Interesting… Here’s the current Tesla Supercharger map for North America:

Tesla Superchargers

Investing in these Superchargers, which are free to use for Tesla drivers, is of course a very costly endeavor. However, Elon Musk has noted on multiple occasions that their prime focus is not profit, but rather investing in future development (and customers). Investments in Superchargers and Model X development are sure to bring that a lot more customers, speed up the electric revolution, and benefit Tesla in the long term. I think they’re on a super solid path now.

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  • RobS

    4 new stations opened since this article went up yesterday. Oretty impressive roll out rate at present, 16 in a fortnight.

  • Andrew

    By my count they are 7 superchargers away from coast to coast trips. Pretty sweet.

    • RobS
      I reckon once Macedonia, Cheyenne and Kingman are on line coast to coast on supercharger alone will be doable, the remaining gaps being filled will make it easier but with those three the largest gap will be around 240 miles.

  • A Real Libertarian

    “that they’re prime focus is not profit”


  • RobS

    The best Supercharger map I know of is this one

    Interactive allows zooming right down to the physical location of the charger in a parking lot to help locate them whilst travelling, with interactive range rings to help with trip planning, the ability to add on custom markers to indicate an overnight stop with non- supercharging again to help with route planning and displays known superchargers under construction but with the ability to turn them off . For a cutting edge tech company Tesla’s map lacks any real functionality.

  • tibi stibi

    ”is of course a very costly endeavor”

    is it? it must be much cheaper than an gas station!

    • RobS

      Elon has previously said they spend about $300,000-500,000 per station. So the 61 rolled out in the US so far has cost ~ $25,000,000. This is not far from a rounding error in the balance sheet the size of Tesla’s. Considering they don’t do traditional PR and this is one of their major forms of PR its really a bargain.

      • tibi stibi

        thanks for the info!

        this is more than i expected but for tesla its a nice PR 😉

        $300,000-500,000 will be a full station and not a supercharger by itself??

        • Shiggity

          Up to 63 stations now 🙂

          • tibi stibi

            i just found a dutch company which will install 200 station. for which they need 40 million euro’s. or 200.000 euro per station. seems a bit cheaper than the tasla stations.

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