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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by Joshua S Hill


North Carolina To Join California As Top 10 Global PV ‘Country’ In 2014

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A new blog post from NPD Solarbuzz’s Michael Barker has taken a deeper look into the complex machine that is the US solar PV market, finding that North Carolina is set to join California as a state driving enough solar PV demand to rank as a top 10 ‘country’ in 2014.

Barker notes that “to refer to the US as a ‘single’ country market misses many of the nuances underlying the market at the state level,” adding that ” it is common to use the phrase: ‘there is no US market; there are 50 state-level markets with a layer of federal policy on top’.”

Subsequently, this complexity not only affects the size and shape of the US solar PV market, but if the US was stripped from the rankings, a number of individual US states would take its place in the rankings.

As Barker points out, if California were counted as a country of its own, it would rank as the fourth largest driver of PV demand globally during the past year, while NPD Solarbuzz predict that North Carolina will grow enough to similarly be counted alongside California in 2014. North Carolina placed in the mid-teens during 2013 as a driver of PV demand, just above New Jersey and Arizona, states set to continue on this late-teens trend throughout the next year.


Source: Adapted from NPD Solarbuzz North America PV Markets Quarterly and Solarbuzz Quarterly 

California managed to install more solar during 2013 than it had over the previous 30 years combined, “more than doubling its rooftop solar installations.” At the same time, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Arizona were all making steady growths in their own solar installations — though North Carolina has seen meteoric growth over the past three years.

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  • jburt56

    Next step, 1 kW average solar per capita.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    It would make very good for North American economy if United States was splitted into 50 independent and competing countries.

    • wattleberry

      I don’t know about that-you could say it’s a model of cohesion compared with, say, China, Russia, India and the European ‘Union’ !

      • Jouni Valkonen

        European Union and Euro has failed and further economic integration is very improbable. E.g. Finland has lost quite considerably because of Euro compared to Sweden that is outside Euro.

        It is not going that well with US.

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