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100 Top EV Stories From 2nd Half Of 2013

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Indeed, I may very well have OCD. Rather than pick 10 like any normal blogger, I went ahead and picked 100 top EV stories for this end-of-year wrap up. And these follow the 33 I highlighted at the end of May. Incidentally, I didn’t aim for 100 but just happened to hit that popular number by chance. Reposted from Planetsave, enjoy!

Following up on the top 33 electric vehicle stories of the first half (or so) of 2013, below are the top electric vehicle stories from the rest of 2013. This was a huge year for electric vehicles, but it’s clear that the industry is growing so fast that 2014 is going to be even that much better. I’ve got a few more than 10 stories below, so I decided to split them up according to different categories. Have a look:

General Electric Vehicle Stories

auto adoption rates

  1. Electric Car Sales In Their First 3 Years Are Kicking The Butts Of Automobile Sales In Their First 3 Years (Chart)
  2. Plug-in Electric Cars May Be Halfway To Market Domination
  3. Electric Cars Kick Your Car’s Boot — 8 Ways How
  4. 11 Electric Cars With Prices Lower Than The Average New Car
  5. 300% Increase In 100% Electric Car Sales In 2013 (Important Media Exclusive)
  6. Record: Norway Electric Car Sales Hit 12% Of Total Car Sales In November
  7. Over 50% Of Electric Cars Sold In US Are In 5 Cities
  8. 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars In US (2014)
  9. Top-Selling Cars In Norway Now Electric Cars (Two Months In A Row) — 4 Reasons Why (Important Media Exclusive)
  10. Study Reveals That Only 22% Of Public Knows About Tesla Model S, Only 31% Familiar With Nissan Leaf
  11. Electric Cars Much Cheaper Than You Think, Cheaper Than Gasmobiles (Charts)
  12. Paul Scott Predicts EV Tipping Point In 2017 (Like CleanTechnica Readers)
  13. Shai Agassi Presents $9,999 EV Formula For A Disruptive EV Takeover (Apple Style) 
  14. US Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales Blow Past 150,000
  15. Gasmobiles Will NEVER Be As Good As Electric Cars
  16. National Plug In Day Hits Record # Of Cities
  17. World’s Longest EV Race Takes Place In North America
  18. EV Taxi Fleet Of 200 Coming To Kiev, Ukraine (Important Media Exclusive)


  1. Tesla Wows Again — 90-Second Battery Swap Unveiled (VIDEO), +17 Q&A Videos
  2. Tesla Superchargers Opened In Germany, Switzerland, Norway, & Netherlands
  3. Huge Tesla Supercharger Announcements In US
  4. Tesla Model S Comes To UK, Norway/Europe
  5. Tesla Arrives In China Without A Chinese Name, Model S Sells For $400,000 There
  6. Tesla Model S Is Safest Car Ever Tested, Sets New Safety Records (Tesla Releases More Info)
  7. Tesla Model S Can Now Travel From San Diego To Vancouver Using Free Superchargers
  8. Tesla Patents 400-Mile Battery Pack Using Metal-Air & Lithium-Ion Batteries
  9. Elon Musk Says He Intends To Make The Model X Better Than Initially Presented (Important Media Exclusive)
  10. Apple’s VP Of Mac Engineering Joins Tesla Motors
  11. Tesla Could Be Big Disruptor, Acknowledges GM
  12. Tesla & Panasonic Sign Major Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Agreement
  13. Tesla Sees Insane Stock Surge Over Several Months, Then Stock Finally Dives A Bit
  14. Tesla Motors Joins NASDAQ-100 Stock Index
  15. Eye-opening Study On Tesla Lovers & Toyota Prius Lovers Published (Infographics)
  16. Tesla Says It Intends To Build A “Gigafactory” For Electric Car Batteries
  17. Multi-Million Dollar Lobbying Kept Tesla Motors Out Of Texas
  18. Tesla Aims For 5-Minute EV Recharge, Tesla CTO States
  19. Elon Musk Named #1 Most influential Man By AskMen
  20. Elon Musk Talks About Possibility Of Tesla Trucks


  1. BMW i3 Unveiled (Exclusive Videos + Pictures)Gets 10,000 Early OrdersDeliveries BeginBMW Considers Production Boost
  2. BMW 360° Electric Is The Full Package
  3. BMW X5 Plug-In Hybrid SUV Coming Soon, BMW Exec Confirms
  4. BMW Says It Will Electrify Its Entire Lineup
  5. 2015 BMW i8 PHEV Priced At $135,925Using Gorilla GlassSold Out
  6. BMW Board Member: EV Driving Range To Double Within 5 Years
  7. BMW EV Revolution Hits The 2-Wheeled Market


  1. Cadillac ELR #1 Rolls Off Assembly Line (Car Is “Smart Grid Ready”), Costs $76,000
  2. GM Triples Size Of Its Michigan Electric Vehicle Battery Laboratory (Important Media Exclusive)
  3. Chevy Volt Price Drops $5,000! (Now As Low As $24,495 In CA, $21,495 In CO)
  4. Consumer Reports Acknowledges Chevy Spark EV Is Better Than Chevy Spark Gasmobile
  5. Chevy Spark EV Commercial Captures The Essence Of EVs, Finally!
  6. GM Chops $10,000 Off Opel Ampera Price
  7. Envia GM Deal Dropped… It Seems
  8. Nissan Leaf & Chevy Volt Both Break Their US Monthly Sales Records


  1. Nissan Leafs Bring Hundreds Of Thousands In Annual Savings To City Governments
  2. South Africa Nissan Leaf Launched With Amusing Gas Station Prank
  3. Carlos Ghosn “Test-Drives” The Autonomous, Self-Driving Nissan LEAF (Video)
  4. Nissan Leaf & Chevy Volt Both Break Their US Monthly Sales Records


  1. VW e-Up! Unveiled (Exclusive Videos + Pictures) & Volkswagen E-Golf! Announced
  2. Volkswagen Brings A 256 MPG Diesel Hybrid To Los Angeles
  3. Volkswagen XL1, World’s Most Efficient Car, Makes Its US Debut (Exclusive Pictures)250 To Be Produced For $144,00 Each
  4. VW Promotes Electric Vehicle Chief To VP 

Mass Transit

  1. Battery-Electric Buses Tremendously Outperforming Hydrogen-Electric Vehicles (Important Media Exclusive)
  2. Adelaide Creates World’s First Solar-Powered Public Transit System
  3. Active Wireless Charging In Transit; Remarkable Progress In Korea For Electric Vehicles
  4. ABB Unveils Ultrafast, 15-Second “Flash Charging” Electric Bus, + More Details

Scooters, Bikes, Motorcycles, & Tuk Tuks

  1. Scooter That Can Haul Some Serious Cargo Unveiled By Lit Motors
  2. Mission Motorcycles Electric Superbike’s — Mission RS — Now On Sale
  3. Production Begins On ZBee Electric Tuk Tuk
  4. Vanmoof 10 May Be The Smartest Bike On The Market


  1. Beijing To Fight Air Pollution By Making 40% Of All New Cars Hybrids
  2. Paul Scott Turns Obama Fundraiser Controversy Into A Documentary
  3. 8 US States Target 3.3 Million Electric Vehicles On The Road By 2025
  4. $2 Billion For Cleaner Vehicles In California
  5. Multi-Million Dollar Lobbying Kept Tesla Motors Out Of Texas
  6. DOE Pumps $45 Million Into EV Batteries and Other Green Car Tech
  7. Nissan Leafs Bring Hundreds Of Thousands In Annual Savings To City Governments

Price Cuts & Price Drops

  1. 40% Drop In EV Battery Prices From 2010 To 2012
  2. The Electric Car Battery Price Slide (Chart)
  3. Cleantech Transition Is Happening, Costs Dropping Off An Icy Cliff
  4. Plug-In Prius Gets $4,600 Price Cut
  5. Chevy Volt Price Drops $5,000! (Now As Low As $24,495 In CA, $21,495 In CO)
  6. GM Chops $10,000 Off Opel Ampera Price
  7. $4,000 Ford Focus Electric Price Cut

Non-Tesla Charging

  1. Nissan Designing New Urban Personal Electric Transporter
  2. EV Fast-Charging Network To Roll Out In Netherlands
  3. More EV Charging Stations Than People In The US
  4. ABB Unveils Ultrafast, 15-Second “Flash Charging” Electric Bus, + More Details
  5. Active Wireless Charging In Transit; Remarkable Progress In Korea For Electric Vehicles
  6. Volvo Testing Wireless Road-Mounted Car Charger


  1. Via Motors VTrux Unveiled With Portable Solar Power
  2. Via Motors Wins $20 Million Contract For Plug-in Hybrid Electric Trucks (Chevy Volt Of Trucks)
  3. Renault Fluence ZE Owner In Israel Sets 24-Hour World EV Record (Important Media Exclusive)
  4. Hydrogen Cars Slammed By Nissan’s/Renault’s Carlos Ghosn & VW’s Rudolf Krebs (& Called “So Bullshit” By Elon Musk)
  5. Best Electric Car Of 2013 Is Fiat 500e, According To Road & Track
  6. Mitsubishi Aims For 20% Of Its Vehicles To Be Electric By 2020
  7. Shell: Oil Is Not The Future Of Transportation
  8. Toyota i-Road Production Begins
  9. Mercedes Preps Release Of Mercedes B-Class EV — 124-Mile Range, Tesla Technology
  10. 78 MPG Porsche 918 Spyder Sets Nurburgring Record of 6:57 (Video)
  11. GE Flow Battery Aims For 240-Mile EV Range… And Beyond


Think I left a huge story out? Impossible! But if you really think so, drop the story in the comments! 😀

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