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SolarWorld Pledges To Support Crowdfunding For Solar In Portland

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SolarWorld has joined 4 other companies in Solar Forward, which is a crowdfunding program that finances solar projects via tax-free donations in Portland, United States. The other 4 companies are the Portland Development Commission, Portfolio 21 Investments, Umpqua Bank, and Wells Fargo.

Donations of this type are sustainable in more way than one, as they provide people with electricity for the next 30 years and they are also environmentally sustainable. There are many ways to get solar panels on people’s roofs, and this is a good one. If they prioritize people in poverty, as well as the middle class, this can stimulate the economy by enabling people to avoid electric bills, essentially putting money back into their hands, which they often put back into the economy via the purchase of products and services.

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“In Portland we have a chance for the first time to join as an entire community and put solar on some of our most beloved public spaces,” Mayor Hales said. “Joining us in this community solar campaign is both a simple gesture and a powerful expression of our shared future. It’s a way for all of us to show that there are still places in the world that value community above self.”

BusinessGreen adds:

“Portland’s innovation is not alone among new models for ownership of solar energy. Community solar is an evolving movement in U.S. cities, including Portland; Seattle; Denver; Sacramento, Calif.; Austin, Texas; and Chicago. While other states’ programs offer financial benefits to community solar subscribers, such as a credit on their electric bills or monetary returns on investment, Oregon’s rules and regulations do not allow these types of financial benefits. Solar Forward is a voluntary, donation-based campaign.”

Once Solar Forward raises $50,000, BPS will install solar panels at Portland Public School’s Oliver P. Lent Elementary School in the Lents neighbourhood.

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