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Mercedes Electric Car Ad (VIDEO)

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I’m not really sure what to make of this Mercedes electric car ad. I’ve watched it 3 times, but it’s just sort of all over the place and nowhere at the same time. I guess the focus is just “living the good life” and enjoying nature while driving everywhere in an electric Mercedes?

I do love the music.

And there is a brief moment (around 2:00) where the acceleration of the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive is highlighted as it darts off the line next to a Porsche.

But it’s all a little too cheesy and fairy tale themed for my taste.

Nonetheless, hey, Mercedes is getting into the electric vehicle game and is advertising it — that’s something, right?


Similar to BMW, the first major electric vehicle coming from Mercedes is one with a high level of quality. Furthermore, it will have a considerable range of 124 miles on a single charge, will include Tesla technology, and will have multiple regenerative braking options. From Mercedes, here’s a bit more info:

With the impending market launch of the new B-Class Electric Drive in 2014 in the USA and subsequently Europe, Mercedes-Benz is bringing its first fully electric series production vehicle onto the roads. The battery electric vehicles guarantee to provide unparalleled driving dynamics thanks to the many years of know-how gathered in the field of powerful lithium-ion batteries. The B-Class Electric Drive embodies this by enabling superior yet spirited driving pleasure over a range of 200 kilometres with its powerful 130 kW electric motor – without making any compromises whatsoever in terms of available space. In addition, the electric 5-seater boasts the familiar, emotionally appealing design and high-quality interior which are characteristic of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

From 0 to 100 in 7.9 seconds – the powerful electric motor ensures full torque and lightning-fast power delivery from the word go, even impressing sports car drivers when it comes to pulling away from traffic lights.


As with almost every EV on the market, Mercedes is also putting a lot of attention on connectivity:

With Connected Services from Mercedes-Benz, convenient remote query and configuration of the vehicle is possible. This enables the current charge status of the battery to be checked and the current range to be indicated on a map. In addition, the planned route can be displayed, making it possible to check at a glance where – if necessary – interim charging can be carried out. But the impressive networking features not only bring customers up to speed with the charge status of the battery. With the aid of remote control functions via the Vehicle Homepage, the vehicle can also be pre-heated or pre-cooled – conveniently via PC, tablet or smartphone. If required, customers can also receive information on the charge status of their vehicle automatically via Twitter or email. With its initiatives, Mercedes-Benz is driving straight into the future – with zero local emissions. And as part of this, the focus is squarely on driving pleasure, suitability for everyday use and a premium product for the customer.

The Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive does look like a great car (I look forward to testing it out). And the ad is okay. I just hope they come out with some awesome video ads that do a lot more to communicate the genuinely tremendous benefits of this electric car.

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  • Klevis Ymeri

    I think that the point of the commercial is obvious. They are showing that it is possible to have a good life and green and connected to nature at the same time.

  • SteveinStudioCity

    I am highly anticipating the B Class Electric Drive as well. From my observations at the LA Auto Show, it seemed like the Mercedes B Class will be a quiet contender in the EV market, because all eyes were focused on the BMW i3 and others. The true test will obviously be in how it fares on the road, but for me, it’s the true family functionality in the body style and size that appeals to me most about the B Class EV.

    I hope the Mercedes dealership in Van Nuys is misinformed or exaggerating the lack of availability of the car. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t want to deal with the attitude described below, so I imagine I will check out Glendale or Thousand Oaks for my future Mercedes shopping.

  • VanNuysWannaB–Class

    After reviewing all the electric car options at the 2013 LA Auto Show, I was most intrigued by the B-Class Electric Drive vs. the competition. Unfortunately, after going to the Van Nuys Mercedes dealership on 12/3/13, the manager who had updated information directly from the national sales team but did not have an interest in speaking with me directly, relayed that I might as well forget about getting a car, since there would only be 200 available for the whole U.S. and that all buyers would be carefully “CHOSEN” — reiterated three times to stress how unlikely it would be that plain old cash buyers would be accommodated.

    This dealership’s attitude collaborates with my own disappointing MBUSA experience so far. I’ve written twice to inquire about B-Class product in the last 3 months via the website and haven’t gotten a response to anything. Yes, Zachary, the advertising material is appealing, but outside those fish-bowl worlds, the current real-world for the B-Class Electric Drive is seemingly, “Ha-ha! You really think we care if you’re interested in a green car from us? Get lost for a few years!”

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