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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


South Africa Nissan Leaf Launched With Amusing Gas Station Prank

November 12th, 2013 by  

In South Africa, a woman stepped up to the plate to drive a Nissan Leaf in a country which, prior to that, had no electric cars. She and Nissan used it to play a prank on gas station attendants (as you can see in the video above).

First, she stopped by a gas station, and told the attendant to fill it up, then walked away (to prevent him from asking her where the gas cap was). He walked around the vehicle repeatedly, became alarmed, and cursed expletives twice.

His facial expression said it all. It looked like: “Oh my goodness, am I going blind? Where is the gas cap? The woman is waiting for me to refill this car!”

Anyway, she then proceeded to other attendants. They also walked around the car confused. In one situation, an attendant said: “Looks like we are going to fight with this car.” She eventually returned and asked if they filled it up. One of them responded by asking where the petrol cap was.

She said, “I don’t know” but headed towards the back left of the car. “No, It’s not there,” one of the attendants said while laughing. At another station, an attendant confidently said, “It needs to be somewhere around here,” while pointing to the left side at the back of the car.

One of the attendants is shown finally opening the charging port at the front of the car, while another proceeded to pick up the fuel pump’s hose.

They got their hopes up for nothing. So much for that.

An attendant looked convinced that he finally found the gas cap. As he was about to try and fit the gas hose into the charging port, she finally eased the confusion by saying, “Before anything, this is actually the first electric car in the country. Look into the camera.”

Very clever. A lot of fun. 😀 


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