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Published on October 11th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Wind Power Awesomeness (VIDEO)

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Siemens*, or at least the company it has commissioned to make the video above, knows how to make a wind power advertisement. One of the key takeaway impressions people seem to have after visiting a wind turbine up close (or even going to the top of one) is how entirely awesome and majestic these giant machines are. They’re staggering in their height and power.

And I’m sure offshore wind turbines are even more impressive, especially the 6-megawatt ones and 7-megawatt ones.

In this new Siemens video, all of this is excellently portrayed in cinematic style — not your typical “green” or cleantech advertisement.

Since Siemens is the company behind this excellent contribution to cleantech messaging and wind turbine branding, I thought I’d share more about what it has been up to in this space. Here are a few of the company’s recent wind power highlights:

  1. Siemens To Fullfil 267 MW Wind Order In Washington
  2. Largest Federal Wind Farm In US Contract Awarded To Siemens
  3. Siemens Opens World’s Largest R&D Test Center For Wind Turbine Technology
  4. Siemens To Provide 80 Wind Turbines For Giant German Offshore Wind Power Plant
  5. Siemens CEO: Cleantech Is A “Vital Part Of Our Business” (VIDEO)
  6. World’s Largest Wind Turbine Rotor Goes Online

Together with other wind power leaders, it should be noted that the cost of wind power has come down tremendously in recent years, from over 30¢/kWh 10 years ago to as low as 4¢/kWh today. Notably, this cost dropped has largely been brought on by making wind turbines larger and larger, more and more majestic.

wind turbines getting bigger and bigger


While the cost optimization from making onshore wind turbines larger and larger seems to be hitting a limit, larger offshore wind turbines may provide useful benefits for the quite different offshore wind environment. Hence the 6- and 7-MW wind turbines. Simply look above at how a 7-MW wind turbine compares to an Airbus A380 with a wingspan of 80 meters to get an idea of how humungous these machines are.

*Full Disclosure: This post was supported by Siemens through Be On media. That said, I wouldn’t have covered it if I didn’t think it was worth covering, and nobody from Siemens or Be On had any influence over what I wrote above.

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  • agelbert

    Beautiful! Great video and info graphics. Thank you Zachary!

  • Doug

    I liked the “click here” to the 360 view of the turbines. Amazing stuff.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    I wonder why their awesomeness stopped in 2008. Almost six years ago. Kind of leaves you wondering what they have been doing for the last six years.

  • Scotland

    IMHO, it’s a decent video but seems to be all CGI instead of pictures of real turbines, which detracts. Ho w about a flyover of a real offshore wind farm or showing maintenance personnel working on an actual turbine? These are impressive sights and would give the message that wind energy isn’t just hypothetical, it’s a reality.

  • Albert

    I would have said, “and use it to power civilization,” rather than “the world,” since the power of nature they are talking about is part of that world. Or maybe the way he intoned “the world” just made me think of Pinky and the Brain.

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