The Aqualibrium Garden — The Future of Food, For Any Apartment, House, Or Room

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Pure, fresh food increases a sense of pleasure and well-being. Enzymes and proteins from food are one thing that no human can do without. They are essential to an active, purposeful daily life. Food, vital food, is a comfort that nothing can replace.

In modern times, unfortunately, many people struggle with food uncertainty and corruption. As a part of this, many are concerned about the long-term health effects of GMOs and increasingly used synthetic pesticides. Creative agrarian minds may change this uncertain fate. Ceres and Aphrodite sign, “Hope comes alive!”

One can strive to buy and eat only non-GMO, organic food, but growing one’s own is an even better way to go. But what is possible for the urban apartment-dweller with little time for a community plot and no earth outside her or his home?

Luckily, the Aqualibrium Garden makes an easy abundance of young, living foods possible. Fish emulsion, a longtime favorite of the hardy farmer, is the trick to this urban garden. You can eat a variety of healthful organic foods grown in your own home thanks to a unique system in which food is fertilized from fish emulsion, while Ceres and Aphrodite breathe vitality into the taste buds.

The creators of the Aqualibrium Garden inspire the apartment-dweller, explaining: “Imagine a closed-loop ecosystem that can fit anywhere… offering the freedom to grow food year round.”

And more information on your options if you choose to pledge and get one of these wonderful contraptions:

The Aqualibrium Garden can be used as an aquaponic or a hydroponic system. An aquaponic system is one where fish supply the nutrients that fertilize the grow bed. In a hydroponic system, fish are not required and all that is needed is the placement of nutrients into the water tank.

Additionally, the Aqualibrium Garden will come with four snap doors that attach to the bay openings on the bottom of the system to keep out curious pets or kids!

Finally, the final product will be clear (the product in the video is the prototype and is not representative of the final product’s color).


The fish in the self-cleaning aquarium in the bottom chamber of the Aqualibrium Garden provide the nutrients that feed the plants in the self-watering grow space in the upper chamber.  This cycle… like nature herself… is automatic, providing the potential to grow an abundance of fresh vegetables, herbs and flowering plants all year.

Aqualibrium Garden in modern home via Kickstarter

What an excellent educational addition to a home. I hope to get one for my granddaughter. Her mama had 12 trays of buckwheat, sunflower, and alfalfa sprouts in her bedroom as a child. It seems fitting for her daughter to have a 21st century version of that.

Some people have that special ability of listening to simplicity — which is genius — and tapping into it to create something useful for all of us. Inspired by the work of Jacque Fresco, this modular, sturdy, and very stylish design makes the rest of us sigh, “Oh yes, I should have thought of this!” Well, lucky for us that a few sons of Ceres did. Watch these enchanted young entrepreneurs explain:

If you’re hungry for more information, here are some more details on the offering via the Kickstarter page:

You will have the option of leaving the lower chamber fish tank open (as shown in the above drawing)… or closed by using the four removable clear doors included with each garden. This is a great option for homes with pets and small children.

Although our prototype (as featured in our Kickstarter video) is white, the Aqualibrium production model will be manufactured using clear, UV protected, scratch resistant plastic and will be shipped fully assembled… ready to fill with water, fish, grow medium and plants… perfect for either aquaponics or hydroponics growing.

One Aqualibrium Garden can supply a steady stream of fresh greens for one’s own needs or enough fresh basil or other herbs to generously share with friends and neighbors.  Multiple gardens have the potential to meet all the fresh produce needs of any family… meaning that the Aqualibrium Garden can pay for itself with food cost savings alone.

The Aqualibrium Garden is a great gift, a great educational tool… and a great way to help move the world to a better, fresher, sustainable source of food.

Aqualibrium Garden

I know my granddaughter will delight in seeing the fish swim around in her personal garden. The value to modern life is multiplied in every way. Nourishment to heart and mind — as well as eye, nose, and mouth — that fits in any room, studio, apartment, or house. One can never say a habitat is too small for farming. Thanks to the creators of Aqualibrium for this! Below are a few more details. Or you can simply jump over to the Kickstarter page to read more and pledge some of the targeted $108,000.

Your new Aqualibrium Garden will be shipped fully assembled… all you do is add water and fish to the self-cleaning aquarium (the bottom chamber)… and grow medium and plants in the grow space (the top chamber).

  • Dimensions – 4′ high x 2.2′ wide
  • LED Grow Lights Included (9W Waterproof)
  • Water for Self-Cleaning Aquarium – 13 gallons
  • Pet friendly with four snap doors covering the aquarium included in every set
  • Weight (without water or plants) – 40 lbs
  • Materials – UV Protected Clear Plastic
  • Sturdy and Scratch Resistant
  • Self-Watering Grow Space – 2 square feet
  • Grow Medium – We recommend hydroton or a similar medium
  • Minimal Energy Use (53.5 Total Watts – Similar to a Lamp)
  • Placement – Anywhere, Indoors or Outdoors
  • Fish – Choose Your Favorites
  • Plants – Anything You Want
  • Growing Season – Year Round
  • Includes complete setup instructions
  • Function – Aquaponic or Hydroponic Growing

 This article was supported by the Aqualibrium team.

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