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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


$10 Dimmable LED Bulb Equal To 60W Incandescent Bulb (Special Offer – Last Day!)

September 30th, 2013 by  

Up until 11:59pm EST today (September 30, 2013), you can pledge $10 to an IndieGogo campaign by NliteN inc. and get a dimmable LED that has been made in the USA and is equal to a 60W incandescent bulb (in light generated, not electricity used).

The campaign team was apparently aiming to raise $250,000 by the end of the night, partly through the promotion noted above. It looks like that isn’t going to happen, but it does still leave you with the opportunity to pledge $10 and receive this sweet LED bulb in return.


“With the average price of a dimmable 60W-incandescent-replacement LED bulb sitting at $25, NliteN is providing a very substantial incentive to consumers to switch over to non-toxic, energy-saving, LED lighting technology,” the company noted last week in a press release.

The full pledge reward options, if pledged by 11:59pm tonight, are:

  • $10 – one 2D-Lite bulb delivery by Dec 23, 2014, which is $10 apiece
  • $15 – for every two $15 pledges, supporters get three LED Disks, total, no eVandalist, which is $10 apiece
  • $35 – one 2D-Lux or total of three 2D-Lite, no eVandalist, which is $11.67 apiece
  • $50 – total of four 2D-Lite, no eVandalist, which is $12.50 each
  • $80 – total seven, no eVandalist, no uncertainty in quantity, which is $11.43 each
  • $99 – total ten, no eVandalist, which is $9.90 each, or four 2D-Lux SLEDDs, which is $25 each
  • $200 – ten 2D-Lux SLEDDs, no eVandalist, $20 apiece (normally qty 9) or five 2D-Lux SLEDDs and ten  2D-Lite LED Disks which is $20 and $10 ea, respectively

There’s a ton of information on the IndieGogo campaign page regarding the above LED bulbs/disks, but here’s one more line about the 2D-Lite LED Disks if you’re still hesitant to jump over there:

The flat 2D-Light LED “Disk” screws into a standard “E26” 60-W light socket and reduces energy consumption by about 80% over incandescent, and 30% over CFL, bulbs.

2D Lite

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  • James Van Damme

    It would be silly to screw these into the typical table lamps that attenuate so much light in the shade. I want to see some complete lamp assemblies that are designed for maximum light on a given area, and high reliability (long lasting components, low temps, and low electrical stress). Cree makes them for streetlights. I guess I’ll have to design my own reading lights.

    And we have to STOP rating lights in “equivalent wattage” and get used to lumens.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Get a “flood” LED. They were on the market long before “table lamp” replacements. You can aim all the light at your book.

      I’ve now purchased a couple of Cree “table lamp” bulbs. $13 each at Home Depot. I am impressed with them.

      As for rating lights in equivalent wattage – necessary. 99% of all people have no idea how bright a lumen is. But they know which of their fixtures need a 60 watt bulb and how many need a 100.

      Over time we can fade in lumen counts and fade out wattage.

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