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Million-Dollar EV Supercar Company Building… Electric Bicycle?

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by Christopher DeMorro

The Rimac Automobili Concept One is the stunningly beautiful and ridiculously fast million-dollar electric supercar that hails from the country of Croatia. It’s been on a world tour as of late, and as one might expect the engineering minds behind the Concept One haven’t been idle. Their next project, the world’s “most advanced electric bicycle”, isn’t quite what I expected.

Rimac has not released any details on the Greyp Bike, save for this website, a silhouette, and a statement saying “The World’s Most Advanced Electric Bicycle, Coming From The Minds Behind The Fastest Electric Supercar.” The big debut is set for London’s Salon Privé in early September.

Electric bicycles are all the rage across Asia, and they’re starting to catch on in Europe and America too (despite New York City’s silly ban on e-bikes). It’ll be interesting to see what Rimac comes up with, and if it’ll actually be affordable, or just another sexy-but-too-expensive EV teaser.

Source: Greyp-Bikes

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  • Rafe Husain

    my electric bike weighs 48lb and does 36mph for some 30 miles and it cost me around $1200 to assemble. IT would be nice if they give weight of this ebike/motorcycle

  • Doug

    Another electric bike I can’t afford…

  • agelbert

    I think a key to a really long range electric bicycle is the ability to regenerate electricity through braking and coasting downhill.

    Though most people don’t think about it, bicycles go downhill just as much has they go uphill. It’s time for some techy out there it make use of this obvious energy saving quality that bicycles have. Cars have regenerative braking but moving them around, even downhill, uses energy. Bikes are different. I hope Rimac gets this.

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