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Tesla Model S Production Speed Increasing

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by Christopher Tracy


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has stated in an interview with Bloomberg that they are building Model S’s faster than you can spell, “Porsche Doppelkupplung.”  He didn’t actually say that.  His actual quote? “We’re above 400 a week at the current manpower, and not trivially above it.”  He didn’t elaborate to the actual number of Model S’s being produced per week, but it means Tesla production is amping up even beyond expectations.

Tesla Motors has about 3,000 employees, and the initial goal was 400 Model S sedans built a week.  Having 2,000 assembly workers with two daily production shifts, Tesla is already exceeding their goals, though by how much we don’t know.  Earlier in the year production was slow to rise to the demand for the Model S, and Tesla missed its 5,000 car delivery goal for last year.

Tesla had to bring in temporary workers and resolve supplier issues first.  Musk has predicted that Model S sales will eclipse 21,000 this year as Tesla begins deliveries to Europe and Asia in the second half. That could make it the best-selling electric car in America.

This is a good time for Tesla.  They’ve paid off the $465 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy NINE years early, this year the company’s shares have surged 271 percentprompting talk of a Google takeover.  In late 2014, The Model X, a sport utility vehicle, will join the Model S, with a BMW 3-series competitor to be added in 2016 or 2017. Add to that the recently-announced battery swapping stations and the growing network of free Tesla superchargers, and Elon Musk looks to be riding high.

Source: Bloomberg News

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  • Russ Avshalum

    I would live to get on but there is no charging stations in my area

    • Tesla Guy

      You don’t need a supercharger in your area. You need a supercharger on route to where you are going to! I’ve had the Model S since last fall and have yet to use a supercharger. Remember, how often are you putting on 200+ miles without returning to home to recharge? If the answer is frequently then the MS is not for you until the supercharger network is built out over the next 2-3 years. But, if your answer is rarely, then go for it and use your other car with an ICE or rent one for the occasional long road trip, if you have range anxiety. But, if you can afford it, don’t miss out on this amazing car. It’s like nothing you’ve ever driven. It makes EVERY other car on the road completely obsolete. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else on the road today. My only problem with the car is that now I no longer enjoy reading my auto magazines reviewing all those antiquated ICE cars. None of them interest me any more. DAMN YOU TESLA S!

      • Bob_Wallace

        Let the car mags go.

        Spend the time saved by keeping up with renewable energy. You can enjoy watching your ride get cleaner and cleaner.

      • Howard Marks

        Even if you do go further RV Parks and Hotels are very friendly places to charge and if you dine at a posh restaurant any commercial kitchen can give you the juice to charge. Tip at hotels always ask for the manager and the house electrician not the kid or person at the desk they will be useless.

        You can drive a MODEL S anywhere.

    • Howard Marks

      You do not need CHARGING STATIONS just a lead, adaptors and the right amp and volt juice. Install 70amp charger boxes at your home, office and couple of friends and relatives if you are worried. If you can afford it put some solar on all the roofs too then its power prepaid and free at point of use for the next 20 years.
      My friend drove around the world in a TESLA ROADSTER in 3 months last summer. No superchargers less range and less charging tech inside the car than the MODEL S. NO problem. Plus RV Park people are nice to EV people and have at least 40 amp charging.

    • RobS

      You live somewhere with no electricity grid or power outlets? How quaint.

  • Charles Gauthier

    Just drove the Model S.
    All I can say is WOW!!!
    It was funny to hear all the people in the store frount still freaking out about range. 470KM, down to about 400KM (250 miles) with full winter heaters, or full summer AC.
    Not a problem for me. Now all I need is the US financing that Elon is offering to come to Canada and I am in.

  • Justin Barkewich

    500 cars per week!! That @ 3 cars per hour…slowly but surely we will “kick the habit” or at least slow it down.

    • Matt

      Said there were running 2 shifts not 24 hours a day.
      So if 5 days/week that is 6.25/hour, 6 days would be 5.2/hour, 7 days would be 4.5/hour.

      • Justin Barkewich

        So productivity still can grow…awesome!!

        • RobS

          yep, could still add a third shift and with the one line get things up to ~750 cars per week, my prediction is they will add the third shift to produce the Model X. After a third shift is up and running and their current line is essentially maxxed out they then need to add a second line, I would be surprised unless orders really started to surge if they added a second line until getting ready for Gen 3 release.

      • arne-nl

        According to those that got a factory tour upon delivery, tesla is running 2 shifts, 5 days per week.

  • jburt56

    Soldiering on to critical mass. . .

  • J_JamesM

    I hope that they can start producing the more affordable (?) Model X and gen III Tesla soon. We wouldn’t want to see the supply of Model Ses outstrip the demand. Even if they dominate the luxury car market, that’s still a pretty shallow pool.

    But hey, price reduction has kind of been Tesla’s game thus far. They started off with the Roadster, which was north of $100,000 despite being heavily based on a preexisting chassis. Then they did the Model S, which could be had for as low as $50-$60,000 after tax credits, despite being a LOT more car- as in, it actually has a backseat. I’ve heard some places that the Model X crossover could go for as little as $40,000, due in part to savings on production infrastructure and a lower R&D cost.

    And the $35,000, 200-mile Gen III seems pretty darn feasible to me. The BMW i3 manages 80-100 miles and costs about the same, and it’s made of expensive composites. Battery improvements should also help.

    • RobS

      The model X is priced exactly the same as the Model S, its a modified Model S, same skateboard base different body bolted on top. The confusion has come from some people mistakenly believing it is the Gen3 car however it is not, it is simply a model S gen 2 variant model.

      • arne-nl

        I bet the Model X is a good deal more expensive than the Model S. SUV’s always sell at a premium and those falcon wing doors are expensive to make.

    • Howard Marks

      MODEL X will be a $90K car but there will be a GEN III version of it.

  • Alaa

    They are well over 500 a week now. This should give you an indication as to how quick they are. i suspect hey well sell more than 30000 in 2013.

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