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Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Susanna Schick


Mission Motorcycles Electric Superbike’s Now On Sale

July 19th, 2013 by  

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Mission R at Pro Italia

Mission R at Pro Italia

Mission Motorcycles are rolling out their R and RS models to select dealerships. The new bikes were introduced on June 3rd, and covered here. Coincidentally, it’s the same day as the TT Zero at Isle of Man, a race Mission once competed in. Sadly, the company must focus their efforts on building bikes for customers, not just racing, so they weren’t debuting the bikes in the race, as I’d hoped. Please go out and buy one so we can see them on the eRoadRacing and TT Zero fields again in 2014.

In 2009, the inaugural TTXGP race, Mission’s Tom Montano finished 4th with an average speed of 74 MPH. In 2011, Mission racer Steve Rapp won the TTXGP race at Laguna Seca with a 39 second margin over 2nd place Michael Czysz. His qualifying time of 1:31 set the record for electric motorcycles at Laguna Seca, and I don’t recall if it was broken last year. Next weekend I’ll be covering eRoadRacing (formerly ePower/TTXGP) live, so you’ll get all the news as soon as it happens. Mission will be present at the Pro Italia booth in vendor row, so be sure to stop by and check out the bikes.


I attended their launch at Pro Italia in Glendale, CA on Friday night. The motorcycles were gorgeous, but of course their true beauty can only be displayed when you feel that 125 ft lbs of torque thrusting you back as the front wheel aims for the sky. Shod with rubber sticky enough to handle all that torque and 162 ponies, it’s a recipe for endless joy. Zero to sixty in THREE seconds? Yes please. Thank you, may I have another? Speed is addictive, it’s true. The same can be said for torque, the more instantaneously you feel that power thrust, the more instantaneously you want it. I thought my 70 ft lbs Zero FX was awesome, I am dying to try this out. When I do, you’ll get the helmet cam view, of course.


Unfortunately, this is only a feeling I heard about from everyone present who had actually ridden one. From Mission Motorcycles President Mark Seeger to Miguel Galluzzi, designer of such storied motorcycles as the Ducati Monster, everyone raved about the power. Mission’s bikes have proven themselves by winning TTXGP races, even pitted against the likes of MotoCzysz. They’re definitely on par with that level of machine.

Mission Motorcycles sells two models, currently on a made-to-order basis. The R is an open-class sportbike that will leave yourDesmosedici collecting dust in the garage, while the RS is the same bike set up for racing. I spoke with a lot of Mission’s core team at the party, and all of them said they’re really hoping to be ready to race for the 2014 eRoadRacing series, but that for now they’re only interested in making bikes for customers. That’s certainly a great plan for a company that’s been in startup phase for a few years now.

Mission has split into two separate companies, Mission Motors and Mission Motorcycles. Mission Motors develops and sells their astounding powertrains to OEM’s, one of which happens to be Mission Motorcycles. This split, combined with their wise positioning as a luxury superbike maker sold through excellent dealerships, should position the company for success.

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