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Electric Car & Bike News (BMW i3 + Top Gear = Love; Age Of EVs; Bike Sharing Infographic…)

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Check out our own electric car stories and “bike” story if you missed any of that top news and commentary in the past week. After you do that, here are some more good pickins:

EV News

EV Charging Station Ribbon-Cutting.  Credit: NCDOT communications

EV Charging Station Ribbon-Cutting.
Credit: NCDOT communications

  1. EV Etiquette: 8 Rules
  2. Staples Using EV Fleets, & Why
  3. Driving a Ford C-MAX Hybrid In San Francisco
  4. DOE eGallon Doesn’t Take Low-Cost Overnight Charging Rates Into Account
  5. The Age Of The Electric Vehicle Is Dawning
  6. Top Gear Loves BMW i3
  7. Interview with Mr Tanaka, Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution II Team Engineer
  8. Study: Tesla Roadster Packs To Retain 80-85% Capacity After 100,000 Miles

Bike News

  1. Top Bike Share Programs… In An Infographic
  2. How Did Portland Become North America’s Biking Capital?
  3. Bike Sharing Shares More Than Bikes
  4. The Pedestrian-Cyclist Armistice
  5. 3D-Printed Bike Shifter
  6. How To Set Up Your Bicycle Like A Pro
  7. No Ethical Case For Mandatory Cycle Helmets
  8. More Stylish Bike Helmets
  9. What We Can Learn From Bike Share Programs In Beijing & Hangzhou
  10. Protected Bike Lanes Open On Chicago’s Busiest Bicycling Street
  11. The Bike Boom
  12. The Wood.b Bike
  13. “Michael on Bicycle” Surpasses 20,000 Miles on Bike
  14. 1,000s Join Space4Cycling Protest Ride
  15. Man Doing Charity Bike Ride Across Canada Has Bike Stolen In Winnipeg
  16. Divvy Bike Share Program Rolls Out In Chicago
  17. Top 10 Design Elements In Copenhagen’s Bicycle Culture

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