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Published on June 28th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


China Plans Large-Scale PV Solar Pilot Projects

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The National Energy Administration (NEA) of China has been planning to set up distributed solar PV demonstration power plants across the country, it was recently announced. The plants will be operated in National Economic Development Zones and industrial parks in China with high power consumption, large numbers of industrial companies, and adequately sunny weather.

Solar panels & globe via Shutterstock

Solar panels & globe via Shutterstock

The National Energy Administration requires the solar projects to be funded by a single development team with the use of a “self-generate/consume” model. They also required that the demand of the subsidies should not exceed RMB 0.45/kWh.

“Last September the Chinese government unveiled plans to stimulate local PV demand with a programme to promote distributed solar generation. The measures were brought in to address overcapacity in China’s PV manufacturing industry and trade tensions with Europe and the US,” PV-Tech notes.

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  • Others

    China is #4 in Installed Solar Capacity and already #1 in Solar Water Heaters.

    Also their coal cost has increased from $11/ton in year 2000 to $37/ton now. This is because of increase in the cost of Diesel.

    So expect Chinese to install more solar to reduce coal consumption. BTW, they are also investing a lot in nuclear power.

    • Addendum: But it has actually scaled back its nuclear plans considerably in the past few years and greatly ramped up its solar plans.

      • Calamity_Jean

        The Chinese are working hard on installing more wind, also. They installed (slightly) more wind than coal power in 2012. The “What about China?” excuse to ignore renewables is getting more threadbare by the day.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Boy, Howdy, is that ever true.

  • Matt

    This is great news, have China install all those PV panels they are making and it a great news two-fer. The plants don’t have to close, so production will be there when the demand picks up. China greatly increases its installed PV.

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