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BYD e6 Electric Car To Be Sold In The US (In Bulk Only)

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byd-e6The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD will sell the BYD e6 electric car in the United States, but only to fleet buyers (basically people that buy many cars per order).

BYD sold 1,700 plug-in vehicles last year. It fell short of its sales expectations and its share value dropped by 75%. (Maybe Volvo can give them some advice?)

One rumor for how BYD is going to pick itself up is that it will switch to only selling electric and hybrid cars. What do you think? Does the company have a shot here?

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  • Ronald Brak

    The way I see it, BYD has plenty of potential to produce affordable electric cars for export. Currently BYD makes over half a million cars a year. If they switch entirely to electric cars they are going to push their marginal cost of EVs down through economies of scale and learning through doing. With their low capital costs and still relatively low labour costs it’s reasonable to expect them to do well in the electric car export market. While most of China’s current car production isn’t quite export quality at the moment, they’ve come a long way and the simplicity of electric car design is a big plus in terms of quality control. Electric cars are inherently simpler to make and more reliable than internal combustion engine cars. And of course there is a huge internal market for them as China wants cleaner air in its cities and doesn’t want to import foreign oil.

    • Bob_Wallace

      BYD is producing an EV in partnership with Daimler – the people who make Mercedes Benz. Daimler is bringing the “export quality” skills.

      BYD is a huge battery manufacturing company. They’ve got that economy of scale thing down. A few years back they bought a Chinese auto manufacturing company in order to get into the EV business.

      They’ve made a good EV that’s working well in very tough operating conditions. Daimler will probably help them make a car with competitive quality.

      The largest question I have about BYD’s EVs is how their battery technology will play out. They use a lithium iron phosphate battery and I don’t know if they can give it more energy per weight/volume.

      Right now they are packing a lot of batteries into the E6 in order to give it range. That makes it expensive to purchase which works only for high mileage drivers like cabbies.

      (Apparently the rear seat in an E6 is unusually high. They needed some extra room for the extra batteries.)

      I suspect BYD is going to be a major presence in the car industry. They’ve got the capital to develop a high quality EV and a market just outside their door.

  • vetxcl

    There’s really too MUCH this is gonna’ happen’ and that’s gonna’ happen (future possibilities/potentialities/pie in the sky, by and by) on this site. Maybe you people MIGHT want to relate what IS happening a tad more.

    As for BYD, the details related thus far, suggest NOTHING is going to happen.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Well, if you’re not interested in how technology is developing and where we may be headed perhaps you should limit your reading to http://www.thisiswhathappenedyesterday.history

      BYD is making some decent sales to taxi fleets. Corporate fleets could buy some as well, for the same money saving reasons.

      To sell directly to the public BYD would have to build a dealer network. They may not be ready to do that yet.

      • vetxcl

        More BLATHER from YOU, as you’re loving spewing your skreed all over, just like manure. Maybe you should be a farmer. Then, at least you’d have some USE.

    • mds

      There is plenty here at this site about milestones that have already been accomplished, EV and PHEV sales milestones included. There were over 50,000 PHEVs/EVs old in the USA last year, double from 2011. I’m impressed you have the time to read and comment even on articles you don’t like. I have to be more selective. …or are you just offended because you’re a naysayer and you don’t like the undeniable increase in EV/PHEV sales and the same for solar and wind, and what that means going forward? ;-)-
      BYD will be selling another EV in the USA in short order. I want to know about this. More evidence EVs/PHEVs are an internationally driven change in tech for ground transport. Message: Get your EV/PHEV game in order, quit sticking your heads in the sand and pretending ICE-age vehicles will continue to dominate, …or lose business.

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