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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


The Rise Of Electric Car Charging – Infographic

May 22nd, 2013 by  

In the wake of the merger between Recargo and Xatori (press release below) which will “revolutionize vehicle software and information services for plug-mobility” comes this infographic compiled by, PlugShare, and Recargo. Xatori Infographic


Recargo and Xatori Merge, Furthering Leadership in Plug-In Tech

Two Companies Will Unify Mobile Products and Services Reaching World’s Largest Community of Plug-In Drivers

Recargo, Inc. and Xatori, Inc. today announced that the two companies are merging to revolutionize vehicle software and information services for plug-in mobility. The merger will expand the companies’ ability to offer guidance to drivers and industry and leverage combined teams and resources to better support the plug-in driving experience.

Both Recargo and Xatori have seen tremendous growth in 2013, doubling membership across their EV charging community properties including their charging locator apps, the Recargo Station Finder, and PlugShare. The combined company will bring these apps together into a single, comprehensive directory of over 20,000 electric vehicle charging stations under the PlugShare brand, with more than 30,000 station reviews and 14,000 photos to assist in last mile navigation.

The merger will also bring Xatori’s plug-in charging manager GreenCharge and fleet manager ChargeManager under the same roof as EV research panel PlugInsights and EV news and information portal, to offer even more comprehensive information and utility to EV drivers and industry.

Brian Kariger will remain as CEO of the company, while Forrest North, CEO of Xatori, Inc., will become COO. All current Recargo and Xatori staff are staying on with Recargo after the merger, and the company will retain its offices in Venice, and Menlo Park, California, to continue to attract and retain talent and clientele in the hottest EV markets.

“We came together with the same goal in mind, to grow the EV market.” said Kariger. “This merger is the beginning of a powerful collaboration, doubling resources and fortifying our community.”

“This merger gives us more opportunities to work with larger companies, utilities, automakers, and fleets,” said North. “Best of all, our users will benefit from our combined talents and unified product. The strength and passion of our combined communities will really help accelerate the plug-in revolution.”

As part of the merger, the companies services, including charging station directories, will gradually integrate into one unified app with the combined location information, charging capabilities, driver reviews and photos of thousands of charging stations across the continent.

The complete suite of Recargo products now includes:

Consumer products and services:

  • PluginCars – the web’s premier site for reviews, user forums and guides about purchasing and owning plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • PlugShare – a cause-based social network that allows users to find charging stations and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners
  • Recargo Station Finder – finds electric vehicle charging stations, searches for food and activities via Yelp, and connects to news from
  • GreenCharge – displays driving patterns, charging costs, and environmental impact on iPhones and iPads

Industry products:

  • PlugInsights – delivers opt-in surveys of behaviors and desires of potential and current plug-in buyers, catered to the plug-in industry
  • Charging Station API – an industry-standard API to integrate and deliver charging station information on a variety of platforms
  • ChargeManager – a web-based application to maintain plug-in electric and hybrid fleets by monitoring vehicles’ charging statuses and levels
  • Reports and Dashboards – provides the plug-in industry with an inside view on charging stations and electric vehicles across North America

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  • Bob_Wallace

    We need an image showing where the rapid charge points are located. That would tell us how the electric corridors are developing.

  • James Wimberley

    11,720 level 2 recharging stations + 368 DC Quick ones = 12,088 stations. But the total is 20,136. What type are the other 8,416?

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