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Tesla Stock Hits Record High, Again

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Editor’s note: Tesla’s stock opened at a record $53.74 yesterday. That follows the stock hitting a record earlier this week, as the post below from EV Obsession discusses. With another big announcement at the end of the week, and Tesla winning a dealership battle in Texas, it’s no wonder the stock rose again. And I’m sure it will rise again. For now, here’s Nathan’s piece from EV Obsession:

Tesla Motors has been on something of a roll recently, and the company’s stock price is reflecting that, hitting an all-time high of just under $53 earlier this week.

tesla model s white

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Tesla shares briefly hit the $53 mark early on Tuesday morning, shortly after market opening. The new record high is around three times what the initial public offering price was back in June 2010, $17 a share. Shares have already risen 50% just in last year alone, no doubt largely thanks to the great success of the Model S, and to the company reporting a profit for the first time.

As Gas2 notes: “This stock market success stands in stark contrast to competitor Fisker Automotive, which was recently declared one of the worst venture capital disasters in recent history.” That’s not to say that Tesla has done everything perfectly, but it certainly seems to be on the right track.

Tesla’s Model X SUV is due for release sometime towards the end of 2014, followed by the company’s “more affordable” 4th production model to be released sometime before the end of 2017. The 4th production model is going to be somewhat smaller than the Model S, and to sell for about half of what the Model S currently costs. All of that sounds pretty promising to me. If I had to guess, the overall upward trend of Tesla’s stock is likely to continue.

As of writing this article, Tesla shares are currently selling at $52.

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  • drjonjon

    I bought a Tesla Roadster, the battery died. I had charged the car all night the day before, and had recently drove the car. I drove the car frquently and charged it overnight or all day at least twice a week. Tesla service looked at my car, removed the “computer” without telling me, and sent the computer to Tesla. Then Tesla informed me it was my fault the battery died, and claimed from their “computer read” I had not driven nor charged the battery in two months. Absurd – I have multiple witnesses who saw me drive the Roadster and see it plugged in. Why? Tesla does not want to fulfill their warranty, but they want me to pay $30,000 for a new battery! Tesla is not an honest company – no one I have talked to is honest.Tesla was quite interested in placing the car computer back in to my vehicle to “show me” what tthey found. Heck, why did they not do this before they removed the computer? Because they lied to me and removed the computer to alter the data, so they could back up their cliam. Tesla received $640 million loan from the US Government, but is not willing to replace my battery under waranty. Wonder why the US Gov did not survey Tesla customers before givingthem so much $? Tesla may be the next Soyndra – go bankrupt $640 million loan.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Sometimes people post things on line which are not true.

      It would help your credibility if you were to post a copy of some of the paperwork.

      Tesla will be the next Solyndra if someone is able to market as good an EV with as much range for a lot less money.

  • Anon

    gotta do it like the bigboys, bought 3900 shares at 31.85

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  • arne-nl

    Bought them at an average of $ 34,90. I’m a happy camper. And this is only the beginning.

  • Audry Lunum
  • Mohan Raj

    I bought 40 shares @ $27/share and now its $53. Ha ha ha.
    I wish they sell a small affordable 4-seater car for the masses.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Seeing how this company is run by a guy who figured out how to build a rocket ship that could carry supplies to the space station, I’m betting more affordable EVs are in the works.

      The question I have is how many more models away are we? The “200 mile range” model is a $70,000 car. Will it be a $50k 200 mile model followed by a $30k model?

      • addicted4444

        In the service improvements announcement yesterday, Elon Musk seemed to indicate that Tesla already has a 500 miles battery pack for the Model S working in their labs. If that is indeed true, and they can substantially drop the prices of a 250 mile battery pack (let’s not forget that a smaller car will be lighter and can get half the mileage from less than half battery capacity) a 30k Tesla doesn’t look that far off.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Even 200 miles is plenty. Get the price under $30k and it’s game over for the gasmobile.

          • I’m with you Bob, under $30k and ~200mile and I think a lot of people will jump on board. I know I would.

        • arne-nl

          No, I interpreted that statement as that they expect energy density of the cells to increase in the coming years to make that a reality. Tesla is no battery company, they buy the cells from 3rd parties (Panasonic) and mostly depend on the R&D of those companies for improvements in the battery.

          • Correct, they are using batteries from other companies. My comment was that I would rather as they improve would rather see a $29k car with 200mile range than a $39k car with 500 mile range.

          • addicted4444

            I agree. I believe that is Tesla’s plan for Gen3, expected in about 2017.

          • addicted4444

            While you are absolutely correct, I think you slightly understate the importance of their IP in putting together what are effectively laptop batteries, I believe, into a unit fit for EVs.

            I did not think Tesla had created some miracle battery in their labs. However, I did think its possible that they have access to newer tech created by their battery partners, which hasn’t been made public yet.

        • did you listen to the press conference? it seemed like a joke to me. i know some outlets have run with it like it was a hint at something, but i didn’t hear it like that at all.

      • Phing Chov
    • Ryan Z

      I bought 30 shares at $31.59, clearly you got the better deal…

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