Consumer Technology Image Credit: Nissan Leaf Charging Station in Houston, Texas via WikiCommons

Published on April 18th, 2013 | by Adam Johnston


Global Public EV Charging Stations Surge Past 48,000

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Public charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles (EV) have surpassed 48,000 globally, a recent report suggests.

Navigant Research said a spike in world-wide electric vehicle demand has created more interest for EV infrastructure, providing some underlying support for the 48,705 public charging stations

Image Credit: Nissan Leaf Charging Station in Houston, Texas via WikiCommons

Image Credit: Nissan Leaf Charging Station in Houston, Texas via WikiCommons

Further EV interest in the US has increased the appetite for more charging stations, also. The first quarter of 2013 saw a 9% advance in US public charging stations. That’s bolstered by strong 2013 first quarter sales for the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and Tesla Model S.

Meanwhile, there are now 5,678 public charging stations across the US with approximately 180 added each month. If the trend continues, the US Department of Energy expects 7,400 charging stations on the road by the end of 2013.

“Numerous companies offering various technologies and business models have emerged to take advantage of the large public investments in this emerging industry,” said Navigant Research senior research analyst Lisa Jerram.

“There has also been enormous private investment in EV infrastructure as these companies respond to and anticipate growing demand. As the market for PEVs grows, and government support for charging infrastructure tapers off, the EVSE (electric vehicles supply equipment) industry will become more dependent on private investment to expand,” she said.

It’s too early to tell where the market will go for public charging stations and EVs. However, the trick going forward in promoting new charging stations is a three-step approach. That includes strong clean transportation policy, increased private investment (namely Tesla’s Supercharger Networks), and ongoing public education about charging stations in the energy-climate era.

If all three of those vital ingredients come together, the market for EV public charging stations will be bright.

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  • jamesjm

    Every public charging station should have a two-way charging and a solar cell roofs overhead that sends energy back to the grid.

    • Charging stations may not always be located in an ideal location for solar — might be better to install the panels on a nearby roof. But i do support the spirit of this statement.

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