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Epic EV Throwing Launch Party For Torq Sports Car

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Epic EV is throwing a party for the launch of its electric sports car, a car which can accelerate from zero to sixty in four seconds, and can achieve over 1 G of lateral acceleration. The car is named “Torq” and is about to be the center of attention at a launch party at the Epic EV R&D Center.

Epic EV's Torq, an all-electric roadster. Image Credit:

Epic EV’s Torq all-electric roadster.
Image Credit:

According to Epic EV, customers, dealers, and journalists will be allowed to try out the Torq vehicles at the party. These vehicles will even be visible in their various stages of assembly.

This Torq is equipped with an electric motor that provides up to 600 foot-pounds (813 Newton-metres) of torque, and provides up to 400 HP. This motor is powered by Flux Power lithium-ion batteries.

EpicEV Torq

World’s Fastest 3-Wheeled Electric Vehicle — the TORQ Roadster from Epic EV.
Photo Credit: Business Wire

It is reminiscent of the Ariel Atom, which is another small, topless sports car which is apparently very fun to drive. Many classify vehicles in the class of the Torq and Atom as “toys.” The Torq is part of an effort to enable people to enjoy their toys with less environmental and long-term financial guilt (incurred by the cost of fuel).

Again, the launch party will be held at the Epic EV R&D Center, which is in Vista, CA. It will be on Saturday, April 6th, from 1pm–5pm

Some commentators said that this vehicle is slower than Tesla Motor’s electric cars, and that the vehicle is pointless because of that. Tesla’s Roadster Sport certainly is faster than this one, but hardly. The Tesla Roadster Sport, which is nearly twice as expensive, can accelerate from 0-60 MPH approximately 0.3 seconds faster than the Torq. (Would you notice the difference?)

I cannot say whether the better choice is the Tesla Roadster Sport or the Torq because it is up to you to decide which combination of qualities is best for you.

The less sophisticated, roofless Torq, or the more expensive Tesla Roadster with air conditioning, a roof, and probably several luxury features.

This vehicle starts at $65,000 in the United States and €50,000 in Europe. Deliveries will commence in April 2013, and the first car will be delivered at the April 6 launch party noted above.

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  • Otis11

    “0.3 seconds faster…Would you notice the difference?”

    Between 7.7 and 8 seconds 0-60? Probably not

    Between 3.7 and 4.0 seconds 0-60? Yeah!

    Regardless, I’d still rather get the Model S Sport with 0-60 in 4.4 and drive it daily rather than a “toy” like this that’s time is 4.0 but rarely drive… even if it would be twice as expensive, it replaces another whole car!

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