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Elon Musk TED Talk (Must Watch Video)

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Here’s Elon Musk at a February 2013 TED Talk discussing electric vehicles, the groundbreaking Tesla Model S, electric vehicle charging stations, solar power, SolarCity, SpaceX, reusable rockets, “the physics approach,” and negative feedback:

I’m actually not adding commentary because I think it’s a great talk that really just deserves a watch.

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  • Speaking of Ted Talks here’s a cartoon on that subject: —————————————

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  • Otis11

    Incredible TED Talk… Absolutely worth the time.

    • Didn’t think I’d learn much from it, but learned several interesting things.

  • I use to think Elon was not the greatest communicator. But the more I watch him speak, I think he his humble appearance gives him the upper hand.

    • arne-nl

      He is not a smooth talking CEO. The average CEO looks and talks like a salesman and mostly deals in carefully prepared sound bites that contain only a fraction of the truth.

      Musk’s somewhat unpolished delivery gives a much more tell-it-like-it-is impression. That makes him a great communicator.

      • Yeah, have to say that I agree with both of you. I’m a fan of his communication style — seems very honest, careful, honest, from the heart, and somewhat humble. It’s refreshing to see someone in his role speak like that, and think it gets him more ears.

  • The drag coefficient is the second best in the history of automobiles. I don’t think many people realize this. I remember back in the mid 70s when drag coefficients were always being touted much like MPG. Then BMW with their full page adds in the center of magazines like Scientific American started saying things like they’ll never care about drag coefficients because they only care about looks and user experience. I suspect his next iteration after the model X will have an even better drag coefficient.

    I don’t think Elon has any problem speaking. In fact I find myself wishing I could communicate like him. I watch most everything of his that makes it to youtube. He can take a negative and put a positive spin with logic.Passively allowing the logic to seep in at the listeners speed. I’d just lock up. For example: “We intentionally don’t patent. Since our primary competitors are national governments the enforceability of patents is questionable.”

  • Ty Coon

    I wish Elon would learn to speak. Communication is key. Every instant does NOT need to be filled with sound. It would be better if he would just slow down a bit. Take a pause to organize his thoughts before speaking. His message is not a problem, it’s his delivery. HOW your message is delivered should not detract from WHAT you have to say.

    • arne-nl

      I think he should change nothing, for fear of him becoming exactly like all the other CEO’s that talk a lot but say nothing. Please let there be room for some refreshing differences.

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