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Nexus EnergyHomes 1st To Offer Dow Solar Shingles On East Coast

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Nexus Energy Homes Inc will be the first home builder to offer DOW POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles on the East Coast of the United States.

DOW POWERHOUSE solar shingles. Image Credit: DOW POWERHOUSE.

DOW POWERHOUSE solar shingles. Image Credit: DOW POWERHOUSE.

These DOW solar shingles are not just a more attractive way to build solar panels, but they are also literally shingles — they are classified as official roofing products.

“Dow Solar Shingles are among the most cutting-edge renewable solutions on the market, making DOW POWERHOUSE the ideal partner for NEXUS EnergyHomes,” said Paul Zanecki, NEXUS EnergyHomes founder and President. “They enable us to offer our customers a truly breakthrough product, from one of the biggest names in renewable energy solutions.”

“This solar integrated roof product protects the home, uses sunlight to power it, and provides superior aesthetic appeal for our homes’ exterior design, and that is exactly what we were looking for, because they support our ability to lead the market in sustainable living. This is the future of new homebuilding in America.”

Some people are concerned about the aesthetic impact of solar panels on their homes. That is largely determined by how neatly and where on their roofs the panels are installed. Solar shingles fit together in a very neat, and some would contend more attractive fashion.

These DOW shingles are also manufactured in the USA, which is a very important part of the alternative energy revolution, which is also intended to help the local economy. It is difficult to pull this off, but it is working, and Dow might just accelerate it with this outstanding innovation, if it explodes like I think it will.

Nexus EnergyHomes said the solar shingles are validated to withstand wind uplift of up to 150 MPH (earning the highest Class F rating).

These shingles actually protect the house, because, as Nexus EnergyHomes said on its website, they aren’t ON the roof, they ARE the roof!

I love getting more out of equipment!

Source: Nexus EnergyHomes

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  • Altair IV

    I love solar shingles. Near one of my work locations here in Osaka a new home has recently been completed, and it’s furnished with solar shingles. They are very nearly indistinguishable from the regular shingles bordering them, unless you are looking at it from certain angles in the right lighting. Another old, red-brick office building I pass by on the train sometimes also appears to have been retrofitted with them.

    • Interesting. I’d love to see a house with them in person.

    • A non-pro photo would also be cool. The photos on the company websites make them look a little too nice/fake.

      • Ronald Brakels

        I’ve seen something like that around here somewhere. Either they were solar roof tiles, or the roofer got a great deal on some dark blue tiles part way through through building a red tile roof. If I see it again and happen to have a camera I’ll take a photo. (People tell me there’s a camera in my mobile phone, but I don’t believe them as there’s no place to put the film.)

  • This is a enhanced roofing product. You are going to put a roof on your house anyway.

  • nanuk2

    nothing about cost, lifespan, efficiency?

  • ken

    I would be concern about the cost of this product, labour cost on top of that too.

    • jdavies

      probably their primary intention is for this to be used in new build homes, additional labour costs should be minimal.

      • Probably their primary intention is for this to be used on roofs where the homeowners are tired of paying too much on their electric bills.

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