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Power-Generating Soccer Ball Approaching Production

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The Soccket, a soccer ball that generates electricity when it is kicked around, is approaching the production stage.

Soccket. The soccer ball that generates electricity.

Soccket visualization. A soccer ball that generates electricity.

soccket in action

Soccket in action.

This ball is equipped with an internal pendulum and a mechanism that recharges a battery, which then powers a lamp for night-time lighting.

The developer, Uncharted Play, Inc, hopes to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter to get this project off the ground and produce it. If you pledge $99 (and the project is funded) you should receive a Soccket ball by about August. Of course, that’s only if you pledge the money before this option sells out.

soccket lights

soccket charger

This concept sounds quite resourceful and would benefit people in poverty-stricken areas that don’t have access to electricity.

Additionally, it provides kids with a ball with which to play soccer, something most kids want. But while a soccer ball can make an impoverished child’s life happier, a Soccket ball that provides him/her with light at night without incurring any fuel or electricity expenses is something that can help the kid (and his or her family) in many more ways.

Environmental Considerations

Lightning, whether it is kerosene-fueled or fueled by dirty coal power plants, causes emissions that are harmful to the local population and the climate. This ball, however, generates electricity simply from the energy the kids put into kicking it, which they’d be doing anyway.

Generating electricity from play is as green as it gets, no one has to drag themselves out to crank a generator or spend their money on kerosene. They will have fun doing it!


soccket light

What’s next, a swing that generates electricity? This actually sounds much more efficient and effective than the ball — although, it could complement it nicely. Some children can swing while others play soccer.

Source: Kickstarter (h/t TreeHugger)
Image Credits: Uncharted Play

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  • TakingYouOutBack

    Hey Nike, electricity generating Nike’s would be good too

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  • jdavies

    Put this in a basketball and people can bounce their ball as they’re walking about town, even in the house. Much more opportunity to exert much greater energy on the ball, and possible for every kid to have one and still expect to get a decent amount of energy into it. One soccerball each would not work at all.

    Basketball definitely makes more sense.

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