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Published on February 22nd, 2013 | by Chelsea


High-Efficiency Topload Washers Gain In Popularity

February 22nd, 2013 by  

Chores are no fun. But even no fun things can be improved upon enough to save you some cash and lessen your guilt about using energy-guzzling appliances. Enter high-efficiency topload washers, the washing machine gaining popularity over the last two years by a measure of 34 percent.

Isolated washing machine via Shutterstock

Isolated washing machine via Shutterstock

High-efficiency appliances carry a heavier price tag than their less efficient peers, but the annual operating costs is less than half of a traditional topload washer, according to Business Wire.

The lowly washing machine has come a long way over the years. Now the computerized washers can calculate the necessary energy needed depending on load weight and soil level. High-efficiency models can do a lot to save precious electricity, like crank up to higher spin speeds (read: less time in the dryer) and offer more load capacity to do more laundry in fewer loads, which makes for less energy used overall. They’re also about 60 percent more water-efficient than washers of yore.

What’s not to love about chores now?

Do yourself a favor: put away that ancient washboard and get a high-efficiency topload washer. No, chores won’t magically become fun, but at least they aren’t as costly to your pocketbook or the environment.

Source: Business Wire

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  • Summer

    I’ve been a big fan of our top-loading HE washer since we’ve had it 6 months! This washer (Samsung) weighs the clothes so it knows how much water to use. If you put too many clothes in there, they may end up “tied in knots”, so don’t pack it so tightly.

    My husband & I bought a HE front-loader first, but it was TERRIBLE! Completely off-balance for the 2 months we owned it, making very loud noise & moving all around our utility room, banging into walls & our dryer. We returned them promptly for the top-loader & are much happier!!

  • KO

    I got a whirlpool efficiency washer to replace appliances damaged appliances in a smart meter fire, because it LOOKED like a wonderful Japanese washer I had overseas. However, it winds up the clothes into knots and takes 3 washes to get my jeans clean. It does clean lightly soiled things OK though. I am not thrilled at having to presoak clothes in another tub. The Japanese washer required putting clothes into a spinner but I could presoak or start another load instead of having to wait another hour for the next load.. so I am not so sure…

  • Hans

    How does a “high efficiency top loader” compare with a state of the art front loader?

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