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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by Chelsea


EPIA Challenges European Students To Create Videos To Dispel Solar Myths

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Pop quiz: Is Germany is sunnier than the USA? Is solar getting more expensive? Are solar panels useless on cloudy days?

For the love, I hope your gut reaction to all those questions was to scream “No!” (Don’t take my word for it — look no further than this infographic for details.)

Alas, myths around solar photovoltaic panels still abound. The  European Photovoltaic Industry Association is challenging students to tackle myths head-on with a video contest addressing these falsities. The contest is part of the “Your Sun Your Energy” campaign.

The video contest is open to all European students enrolled in school or university and aged at least 21 by April 30, 2013, according to EPIA’s website.

After entries are selected by a panel of public affairs and communications professionals, three entries will be put to an online vote at the Your Sun Your Energy Facebook page.

First place takes home a cash prize of €1,500, and is invited to Brussels to present. Second and third place take home €1,000 and €500, respectively.

If I may be so bold as to suggest some resources to the future Werner Herzogs/Roman Polanskis out there, check out some myth debunking CleanTechnica and friends have done.

Source: EPIA

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  • okram ovic

    why does the article keep track of so much details of the competition but not one simple fact about registration deadline? it should be part of the article too, no? sorry, but it looks like journalism fail to me..

  • okram ovic

    btw: “Registration is open until 31 January 2013, and submission of entries due by 30 April 2013” – this comes from the website’s announcement of competition. this article was posted February 16. bad for us who wanted to take part..

  • okram ovic

    thanks for the article. just one problem – its Roman POLANSKI !!!

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