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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


New London Recycle Bins Come With Displays

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People receive news and advertisements on many mediums such as newspapers, television, personal computers, and cellphones. Now, in London, they will see it on public recycle bins, or “techno-pods”. The techno-pods are equipped with large colour screens.

Renew recycling bins.
Image Credit: Renew

The company that developed these bins is Renew, which was co-founded in 2002 by Kaveh Memari. The bins are constructed of damage-resistant fibreglass, with a screen on either end. 

The impetus for this e-news idea was caused by excessive newspaper litter. These bins will not only display news and advertisements, but also information about underground delays and the number of Boris bikes available in the vicinity.

The city hoped to have 100 pods in place before the Olympics, but that was unsuccessful. The target was reached in November.

Renew is not going to charge people to use the bins, however, they said that advertisements and sponsorship may provide the necessary revenue to pay for these futuristic bins.

The bins can also be used to display emergency alerts so that people walking out on the street who would not currently be viewing a television, computer, or even a cellphone would be notified immediately.

“We have killed the idea it’s a grotty place for [advertisers and publishers] to put their messages. We are also talking to seven major film studios and they are very interested in the possibilities.”

Source: The Guardian

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  • Ronald Brakels

    I hope they don’t do moving pictures at eye level next to a road. That wouldn’t be a good idea.

  • This is very unique way to inform something to people who walking around regarding anything news, advertisement etc.. and that i ever seen before such a new innovation.. its very helpful to people.

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