Electric Motorcycle Travels Around The World In 80 Days For $400!

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An electric motorcycle recently traveled around the world in 80 days for only $400.

It is called a Zerotracer and is powered by lithium-polymer batteries and a Brusa electric motor. Lithium-polymer batteries are a member of the lithium-ion battery family and they happen to be particularly energy dense, as well as powerful.

Electric Zerotracer Motorcycle.
Photo Credit: Inhabitat

Energy density, for the uninitiated, is energy storage per kg of batteries, and power refers to how quickly they can discharge their energy. The faster they can discharge, the greater the burst of power they can provide to the motor(s). Lithium-polymer batteries also last longer than average.

This electric motorcycle’s batteries can be recharged in two hours using a 240-volt power outlet, and in 6 hours using a 120-volt one, and can power the vehicle for 250 km (155 miles) per charge.

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The charge time of the batteries has a profound impact on how far electric vehicles can travel, due to the fact that, if you can charge quickly enough — in less than 15 minutes, for example — you can easily keep recharging along the way until you reach your destination, even if it is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

This is why charge time should be an even bigger priority than battery energy density. Short range batteries can take you very far if you can recharge them quickly enough.

Typical batteries take several hours to charge, so you can’t keep stopping for several hours to charge during an already long trip.

This electric bike is equipped with a heater, two wheels for propulsion, and two tiny stabilizing wheels which extend out of the sides of the vehicle to keep it upright when in a state of rest.

Source: Inhabitat

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