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Upcoming Honda Accord Hybrid (Not PHEV) Achieves Outstanding MPG (68 MPG)

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There is an upcoming Honda Accord hybrid (in Japan) which achieves an outstanding 68 MPG (or 3.4 l/100km) through the use of a two-motor hybrid drive system. This is not the Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) that we’ve written about previously, but that PHEV will also take advantage of this new two-motor propulsion system.

Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan via Honda

This surpasses the 23.4 km per liter and 23.2 km per litre of the Toyota Camry and Crown hybrids, respectively. It even exceeds the Honda Insight hybrid’s 27.2 km/litre.

This will be the most fuel-efficient Honda offered when it is released. It will only be available for leasing by businesses and municipalities in Japan.

According to Green Car Congress, the Accord hybrid is likely to sell for a little more than three million yen (about $34,400), and Honda hopes to move 10,000 per year.

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    Yes this car is planned for the US next summer.

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