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Tulsi Tanti: Wind Energy To Play A Major Role In Shaping India’s Future

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Tulsi Tanti, the chairman and managing director of Suzlon energy (one of the biggest wind energy companies in the world), believes that wind energy will play a major role in shaping India’s future.

Tulsi Tanti by World Economic Forum (some rights reserved)

Many people believe that wind energy could play a major role. However, Tanti believes that it definitely will, due to the rapid growth of the wind industry despite the global economic struggle. And Tanti might just be someone to listen to on this topic.

The growth of the wind industry, of course, causes a lot of job creation, because more wind turbine factories are then built and more wind farms are built and operated — all worker-intensive activities.

In 2011, India’s installed wind energy capacity increased by a whopping 138% over a two year period when it surpassed over 3 GW (3,000 MW) of wind turbine installations, which, as Tulsi Tanti rightly notes, “a remarkable achievement in times of global economic depression.”

The growth of the Indian wind industry has slowed, indicated by a 40% decrease in the number of wind installations in the first half of 2012. However, all is not lost. In young and growing industries, there will be peaks and valleys. Wind will have many big years in the coming decades.

Source: The Economic Times

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    God knows i am with you all the way… life savings are in suzlon….may the force be with tanti and suzlon

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    I love this man and I am sure the coming generations will thank him for his contributions to the society and the environment.

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