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Tesla Superchargers Set Up On East Coast

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Tesla has announced the locations of its first two supercharger electric vehicle charging stations on the US East Coast.

These charging stations allow Tesla Model S owners to charge for free, and in a relatively short 30-minute period.

The charging stations are located in Milford, Conneticut, and Wilmington, Delaware.

Tesla Motors eventually wants to set up a cross-country network of chargers that would enable Tesla Model S owners to drive from coast to coast, with some of them being solar-powered, too!

It is certainly cool that the nicest electric cars on the market come with this free service.

Source: Gas 2.0

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  • Jerry

    Can a Volt owner charge here?

    • If I remember correctly, no, just for Tesla customers.

  • Pieter Siegers

    In one word: awesome! But I really am more looking forward to the moment that this type of service is in place for the rest of us! 🙂

  • It is such a shame, that Tesla, and other’s doing forward thinking things like this are thought of like “health nuts” back in the 50s….ah, well, another story of the grasshopper and the ant, huh?

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