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Tesla Motors Will Assemble & Distribute Vehicles In Holland For European Market

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California-based Tesla Motors plans to open its European Distribution Centre in Tilburg, The Netherlands later this month.

It will be 200,000 square feet and will employ 50 people. Production of the European left-hand-drive Tesla Model S electric vehicles will start next March.

This is an assembly plant, a vehicle distribution centre, and also a service centre. It will be the Tesla Motors European parts and service headquarters.

Source: Autoblog Green

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  • Ronald Brak

    If it makes anyone feel better people from Brabant often tell English speakers they are from Holland as they know English speakers often refer to all of the Netherlands as Holland. Sort of similar to the way people from Nippon usually refer to their country as Japan when talking to foreigners. So while the meaning of the word Holland in English is shifting to mean only part of the Netherlands rather than the whole place, the shift is far from complete, particularly outside of the UK, and no one is particularly shocked when people use the word Holland to refer to the Netherlands, except people who enjoy being shocked. (But I guess there are quite a few of those people around.)

  • checked a map again and have removed “Holland” from the article.

  • Pieter Siegers

    HeijdenseJan, sorry too but globally everybody knows Holland is another name for The Netherlands, don’t you know that?
    Apart from that I hope there will be a lot more EVs coming that will drive down the price!

    • Yeah, but as someone who lived in Groningen, NL, i was aware of that. And Nicholas seemed to be, as “Holland” was followed by “The Netherlands” — as noted above, i checked a map (well, two maps) to make sure Tilburg was in Holland, and it was… unless there are different boundaries according to diff people. ?

  • HeijdenseJan

    Sorry, but although Tilburg is in The Netherlands it is definitely not in Holland, it is in a part of the Netherlands called Brabant, Holland is exclusively the Western part of the Netherlands (Best part of course ;)). Most people from Brabant will be offended if you call them “Hollander”

    • hmm, sorry, i double-checked on a map before publishing and it was included in Holland. are there simply diff classifications/maps for Holland?

  • Thomas@G&E

    Very cool. I’m looking foreward to seeing the first model S on the street!

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