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John Kerry To Be Secretary Of State, Leaked IPCC Draft Report, 2012 To Be Hottest US Year On Record… (Other Cleantech & Climate News Of The Week)

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Here’s some more top news of the week (other than what we’ve published and what was included in our clean transport and solar energy news roundups).

Climate & Such

Obama To Name Climate Hawk John Kerry Secretary Of State: “In the first serious indication Obama will focus on climate change in his second term, media outlets report the President will nominate Senator John Kerry (D-MA) to be Secretary of State.

“Kerry is one of the Senate’s leading climate hawks who has said he believes that climate change is the ‘biggest long term threat‘ to national security.”

Leaked IPCC Draft Report: Recent Warming Is Manmade, Cloud Feedback Is Positive, Inaction Is Suicidal: “Ultra-conservative report still concludes sea level rise could reach 6 inches a decade by century’s end! Deniers duped by leaker’s blunder…. The draft 2013 Fifth Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change leaked this week makes clear inaction on climate change would be devastating to modern civilization. The report finds that the human fingerprint on climate has grown more obvious, concluding ‘it is virtually certain’ the energy imbalance that causes global warming ‘is caused by human activities, primarily by the increase in CO2 concentrations. There is very high confidence that natural forcing contributes only a small fraction to this imbalance.'”

Video: Temperature Leads CO2? The 800-Year Lag: “Potholer54 (a.k.a Peter Hadfield) tackles a common myth about climate change often called the ‘800-year lag.’  Antarctic ice core data shows CO2 lagging temperature during periods of deglaciation; this has been well understood for decades. Despite this, many climate change ‘skeptics’ ignore the full picture of numerous studies over the years and assert these data of ancient deglaciation ‘proves’ that CO2 does not cause global warming.” Here’s the video:

“Small Is Beautiful” Best Outcome For UN Climate Change Talks? “Wednesday, December 12, 2012, has come and gone, and the world survived. However, climate change has blustered this year, causing record-setting harsh weather around the globe. Flooding in Australia, China, and monsoon-prone Bangladesh, and extreme drought in Brazil and the central United States, followed in the eastern half of that country by megastorm Sandy, occurred during the first eleven months of the year. Another tsunami belted Japan’s east coast near Fukushima and killer typhoon Bopha ravaged the Philippines even as delegates met in Doha, Qatar, for the UN’s international summit on climate change.”

Mother Nature Is Just Getting Warmed Up: Record-Smashing Early December Assures 2012 Will Be Hottest In U.S. History: “We’ve had spring weather in early December — and that guarantees 2012 will be the hottest year on record for the United States.”

Climate Change: It’s Not Just An Environmental Issue; It’s A Human Rights Issue, Too: “As an international community, our collective failures on climate change are having critical consequences. Today climate change has become one of the major challenges to the basic human rights to life, food, health, water, housing and self-determination.”

Over 10,000 Americans Tell Congress To Stop Pushing Us Over The Climate Cliff: “If our country goes over the fiscal cliff, we will be able to climb back up. But if our planet goes over the climate cliff, we will plunge into an abyss of impacts that we cannot reverse.”

Extreme Weather More Persuasive On Climate Change Than Scientists: “As one of the Marx brothers famously said: who do you believe, me or your own eyes?

“Climate sceptics, it turns out, are much more likely to believe direct evidence of a changing climate in the form of extreme weather events than they do scientists, when it comes to global warming.

“A poll released on Friday by the Associated Press-GfK found rising concern about climate change among Americans in general, with 80% citing it as a serious problem for the US, up from 73% in 2009. Belief and worry about climate change were rising faster still among people who do tend not to trust scientists on the environment.”

Senator Boxer Creates First U.S. Climate Change Caucus: “Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, announced [last] week that she would be taking the initiative to form the first Climate Change Caucus in the U.S. Senate.  Boxer, long considered a champion of environmental causes, said that she decided to form the committee to address growing public concerns over the inaction of the federal government to address the threat of climate change.”

Area Burned By U.S. Wildfires Expected to Double by 2050: “Warmer and drier conditions in coming decades will likely cause the burned area from wildfires in the U.S. to double in size by 2050, according to new research based on satellite observations and computer modeling experiments. The research, which was first presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco on Dec. 4, provides insight into both recent wildfire trends and the sharp increase in dryness — and therefore wildfire susceptibility — in certain regions of the country.”

Energy Efficiency

Engineers Develop New Energy-Efficient Computer Memory Using Magnetic Materials: “By using electric voltage instead of a flowing electric current, researchers from UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have made major improvements to an ultra-fast, high-capacity class of computer memory known as magnetoresistive random access memory, or MRAM.”

Targeted Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Have History of Cost Savings Success: “Well-targeted energy efficiency tax incentives will result in significant energy savings and will get more energy-efficient products into the market faster, according to Steven Nadel, executive director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, who testified before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee [last week]. The Senate hearing focused on appropriate uses of the federal tax code for promoting investments in energy efficiency, particularly in the context of emerging discussions on tax reform.”

Launch Of Energy Efficiency Finance Company: “BluePath Finance LLC announced [last week] the launch of their platform to provide upfront funding for the installation of energy efficient technologies.”

Load Up the Laundry, Cut Down the Work with New GE High-Efficiency Topload Washer: “Consumers can now tackle more dirty laundry in fewer loads thanks to GE’s newest washer. The new, GE high-efficiency (HE) topload washer features the industry’s largest capacity (five cubic feet) for toploading models while using less energy and water than a traditional washer.”

City of Naperville and Verde Energy USA Launch Innovative Energy Storage Solutions Partnership: “Verde Energy USA, a leading retailer of electricity, and the City of Naperville, Illinois, jointly announced [last week] the launch of a clean energy efficiency demonstration project.  This project, which involves the installation of a proven, clean energy storage system at Naperville’s Water Service Center, 1200 W. Ogden Ave., will achieve energy efficiencies and reduce costs to the City of Naperville. The project will begin this month and continue throughout 2013, during which time Verde and the City of Naperville will collect data and share results.”

How Energy Gets Used – and Wasted – in Your Home [Infographic]: “Now that the cold season is here, you’re probably dreading the arrival of upcoming utility bills. Heating and cooling do represent the biggest chunk of our home energy use, but, of course, there are lots of other ways that we use energy in our homes… and not all of them are particularly efficient. Our friends at Green Home Gnome put together this fairly simple infographic that shows how we use energy at home… and helps us identify those points at which we can create some savings by using electricity and other utilities more efficiently.” Here’s the infographic (news roundup continues after it):


Cleantech Is No More Dead Than The Internet Was In 2000: “‘Clean tech is dead. The same way that the Internet was dead in 2000.’

“To me, in assessing the state of the clean-tech industry in my final Clean Edge Views column of 2012, that may well be the quote of the year. Its source was Mitch Lowe, founder and managing partner of Greenstart, an incubator for software-based clean tech startups. Lowe’s sarcastic and insightful quip deftly describes the industry’s current condition: it’s transitional, challenging – and not going away anytime soon. Or ever.”

German Economists Review Effectiveness Of RPS Policies: “In a 40-page paper released this month, a group of researchers at DIW take a look at how well Renewable Portfolio Standards have worked in the US. The authors say that previous studies have come to contradictory results.”

Next Stop for Kansas City Streetcar: Construction: “Funding for a $100 million two-mile downtown streetcar system has been approved by voters in Kansas City, according to results announced this week.”

Bright New Hope For Geothermal Drilling: “Foro Energy, Inc. is working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E and the Colorado School of Mines plus the Big Oil leader Chevron that has geothermal activities underway, and investors ConocoPhillips and General Electric to develop a unique capability and hardware system to transmit high power lasers over long distances via fiber optic cables to the bottom of well bores.”

Hepburn Wind Wins Global Industry Gong: “Australia’s first community-owned wind farm – the two-turbine, 4.1MW Hepburn Wind project at Leonards Hill, 10km south of Daylesford in Victoria – was [last week] recognised for excellence and awarded the World Wind Energy Award in Canberra.”

Spain’s Oldest Nuclear Plant Shuts Down: “Spain’s oldest nuclear plant Garona is shutting down on Sunday ahead of new taxes included in a government energy reform that would render the plant unviable.”

Another Reason To Support Cleantech: Leaking Barge Spilling Fuel Oil Into New York Waters: “A barge with a leaking cargo tank spilled fuel oil into a New York City waterway on Saturday, officials said.”

CleanWorld Opens Nation’s Largest Commercial High Solid Waste-to-Energy Digester: “CleanWorld [last week] officially opened the nation’s largest commercial-scale, high solid anaerobic digestion (AD) system at the South Area Transfer Station property in South Sacramento.”


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  • Zach,

    As always a great post. A lot to chew on. I didn’t bother with the Dr. Tim Ball video as I am well aware of his denial and religious agenda. However, when you say that if we go over the “climate cliff” “that we will plunge into an abyss of impacts that we cannot reverse.” you don’t realize how important that statement is. A Permian level extinction even is, I would say, irreversible…… Professor Guy McPherson sums it up nice (if one can even use that word in the context of the issue) in a speech that he is giving to anyone who cares to hear this very ugly truth……leave your stomach behind as you watch lest you lose your most recent meal.

    THEN, get busy writing to the president, the senate, the house, the joint chiefs and anyone else who might be able to make something happen. If we fail to address the methane issue we will have already passed the tipping point that leads to humanities extinction, I may be coming off here as an ALARMIST, but the science is sound and ALARM BELLS should be clanging as loud as to be heard on the moon.

    Light’s (and he is no lightweight in climate science) admonition’s are clear and concise. While the world has already shown it’s reluctance to abandon fossil fuels we can at least try to mitigate the methane issue to buy whatever time that it will. With the stakes now risen to astronomical levels I can see no other option. We have been gambling with Mother Nature (not to mention insulting her..see the Post Carbons Institute’s book>Energy<) and she has now gone "all in" and is patiently waiting to see if we will call her bet. Following is M.Light's instructions.

    {Developed (and some developing) countries must cut back their carbon dioxide emissions by a very large percentage (50% to 90%) by 2020 to immediately precipitate a cooling of the Earth and its crust. If this is not done the earthquake frequency and methane emissions in the Arctic will continue to grow exponentially leading to our inexorable demise in 2038 to 2050.

    Geo-engineering must be used immediately as a cooling method in the Arctic to counteract the effects of the methane buildup in the short term. However, these methods will lead to further pollution of the atmosphere in the long term and will not solve the earthquake induced Arctic methane buildup which is going to lead to our annihilation.

    The United States and Russia must immediately develop a net of powerful radio beam frequency transmission stations around the Arctic using the critical 13.56 MHZ beat frequency to break down the methane in the stratosphere and troposphere to nano-diamonds and hydrogen (Light 2011a) . Besides the elimination of the high global warming potential methane, the nano-diamonds may form seeds for light reflecting noctilucent clouds in the stratosphere and a light colored energy reflecting layer when brought down to the Earth by snow and rain (Light 2011a). HAARP transmission systems are able to electronically vibrate the strong ionospheric electric current that feeds down into the polar areas and are thus the least evasive method of directly eliminating the buildup of methane in those critical regions (Light 2011a).}

    Sorry to be the bearer of this news but to solve a problem you first must know that a problem exists.

    Edward Kerr 12-17-2012

    • yeah, i’ve pretty much finished with giving deniers any time. too much nonsense and they are not willing to listen/learn. Potholer, creator of the video above, is quite good, but messes up by reinforcing the myth before debunking it.

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