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Apps Galore: 1 To Encourage Donating, 1 To Rate Walkability Of A Street

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Instead of the namebrand mouthwash, buy the off-brand and donate the difference. Instead of buying two ice cream cones, share with your loved one and donate the difference. You get the idea: Instead of spending money on yourself, throw a couple of bucks to a good cause, which is exactly the aim of micro-donation app instead.

According to the iTunes app store, instead “encourages people to live within or below their means in order to give to the charity of their choice.”

So during this holiday season, think about what your gift recipients would prefer: something overpriced or something simple, with the difference donated to charity.

Each donation comes with a 5 percent fee that instead spells out exactly how it’s spent.

Instead is available on both Android devices and iPhones.

Another cool app is Walkonomics, which lets users know just how safe, beautiful, and hilly a walk is before you embark.

Walkonomics rates the walkability of streets in New York, San Francisco, and the whole of England based on the eight categories below, as outlined on the app’s about page:

  • Road safety: How safe do you feel from traffic on this street?
  • Ease to cross: How easy it is to cross the street at regular points along the street?
  • Pavements/Sidwalks: Are pavements/sidewalks provided along the street. Are they high quality? Are they wide enough?
  • Hilliness: Is the street flat or on a hill? How steep is any slope?
  • Navigation: How easy is it to find your way around in this street and area?
  • Fear of crime: How safe do you feel from crime on this street?
  • Smart and beautiful: How clean is the street? Is there much litter or vandalism?
  • Fun and relaxing: Is this a fun, interesting and popular place to be?

The ratings, which are based on data reports of traffic history, street width, crime stats, and pedestrian accidents, are supplemented with user-submitted reviews and pics.

Walkonomics could prove useful in the US as Americans are getting out of their cars and into public transport more, which means walking to bus stops and train stations. And, as we well know, walkable neighborhoods mean fitter residents.

Currently, Walkonomics is only available on Android.

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