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University Of Delaware Establishes Energy Efficiency Fund

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The University of Delaware recently announced the creation of the Revolving Energy Efficiency Fund to support energy efficiency projects across the campus. The goal is to reduce the University’s carbon emissions and operating costs. Potential projects will be identified by the Facilities and Auxiliary Services engineering staff, who will target investments with a payback period of fewer than five years.

The University of Deleware Lighting Retrofit

“Reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint is an important element of our Path to Prominence,” said David Singleton, vice president of facilities and auxiliary services. “The University’s Energy Efficiency Fund will be an important tool in meeting our goals.”

Their first funded project is for the replacement of outdated lighting systems found in several buildings on campus with new energy-efficient lighting alternatives.

“Lighting is a significant contributor to the University’s carbon footprint, and to its energy bill,” said Anne-Marie Crossan, assistant director, Energy and Operations, and co-chair of the University’s Sustainability Task Force.

The new lighting will meet national lighting standards per the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), which address lighting levels and energy usage. The new light systems will reduce energy use through a combination of controls for electricity usage and conversion from electricity to available, non-electric light sources.

It is projected that, upon completion in January 2013, the lighting retrofit project will save 935,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 542 metric tons of carbon annually.

Source: The University of Delaware

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  • stan

    I have tried to deal with these people before on another matter….typically, UNIs are difficult, because they don’t really earn the money they spend…because it’s a tuition situation, there is no standard to be held to, like no child left behind….which sucks anyway….I dread approaching them, because the admin is used to inter school pecking order….which is very ivory tower, functionally illiterate, and good ol boy….look how Sandusky was virtually protected…as many of them knew.
    Anyway….my company can save them way more than this avenue….. by putting in more solar then they have now, which is very little…..but I’m pretty sure they didn’t get it for about $3 per watt…unless it was a charitable issue. $3 per watt, is just a few cents more than a utility company pays for solar.
    Oh well, maybe they’ll put a pencil to it……ya, right.

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