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Toyota Takes The Fun Out Of Concept EV, Renames It iiMo

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Technically, the fun was just taken out of the name of Toyota’s electric city-car concept. When the company unveiled it last year, it was the Fun-Vii. Now, Toyota is calling it the iiMo, and there are a few more details about what they hope it will become.

Most of what Toyota is showing us involves the auto-pilot function (very intriguing) and the instantly customizable exterior (not sure how to feel about this), but not range, charge time, potential sticker price, or anything else with an actual numerical value. On the up side, it is awfully pretty.

According to AutoblogGreen:

“Future mobility life in 20XX,” as Toyota puts it in the happy, nearly-five-minute video available below, means vehicle exterior and interior patterns that can be immediately customized as well as a virtual on-board “concierge,” lots of navigation goodies and the ability to put the three-seater into a so-called “auto-pilot” lane with other like-minded vehicles.

The video is admittedly pretty neat. (Although with a name like iiMo, I really expected the main actor in it to be wearing a lot more eyeliner and have much shaggier bangs. Don’t look at me like that. So did you.) Here’s the video:

Source: Toyota via Autoblog Green

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  • El Ruco

    I feel what SANDY brought to NYC was nothing short of a BIG ASS wake up call for us to embrace ALTERNATIVE energy sources, call it solar, wind, etc. I sure miss Dr Nicola Tesla, 100 years ago provided us with his power tower, should it had made productive by charging every citizen a fair monthly price, the whole world would have benefited, and we would all be driving electric vehicles for almost nothing, PLUS we would have not altered the environment at all.

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