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GreenWave Reality Announces Ambiguous Lighting Solution

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A self-proclaimed “innovator in the Smart Home Services market,” GreenWave Reality, has partnered up with the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair to announce the “next generation in lighting,” its Connected Lighting Solution.

Because hyperbole was a dying art.

Home Lighting Solution

The “GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, incorporating JenNet-IP™ network layer software from NXP Semiconductors” can apparently be used directly out of the box without any rewiring of the home or need for an electrician. Which is great, if we actually knew how to use the system.

GreeWave Reality says that “by simply screwing in the bulbs, consumers can immediately begin to control their lights.” Users need only press the “night” or “home” or “away” pre-configured option on the Smart Control and the lights will act in a certain way.

Sadly, I’ve no idea what a Smart Control is. Is it a remote control which comes with the purchase of the “Solution”? Is it an app on your mobile device? Can you get an app for your mobile device?

Taking a longer look around the GreenWave website will eventually take you away from ambiguous press releases and into a better defined product information page.

Yes, there is a remote control which comes in the package, and yes, you can use your smart phone or iPad as a remote. Given that the bulbs in question are LED, there will be an immediate savings over your average home lightbulbs, but introducing wireless connectivity and functionality also allows for greater savings as you begin to understand when lights need to be on in your home and in which room.

Many of these ‘control your home lighting’ systems will see savings based on a learning curve: as people begin to understand the flexibility and range of their new system, and as they begin to understand how they use lights and see their usage patterns, users will be able to start adjusting accordingly.

“According to Parks Associates, the most desired consumer feature of a smart home is lighting control,” said Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality. “With our Connected Lighting Solution, we are providing consumers with a powerful, personal way to reduce energy consumption while enhancing the comfort in their home.”

“The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, in conjunction with the JenNet-IP technology, has reached a great milestone in delivering on the promise of the ‘Internet of Things’,” said Geoff Mulligan, the Chairman of the IPSO Alliance. “Their solution is based on IPv6 for low-power devices (6LoWPAN), which is a foundation of the IPSO Alliance.”

GreenWave is now shipping this wonderfully ambiguous device to Europe and US markets.

Source: GreenWave Reality

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