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Bicycles Pete's eBikes Get Three New Models

Published on September 25th, 2012 | by Joshua S Hill


Pete’s Electric Bikes Reveal Three New Products

September 25th, 2012 by  

One of the leading retailers and manufacturers of electric bikes in North America, Pete’s Electric Bikes, launched three new models at the Interbike convention last week (the largest gathering for the bicycle industry in North America).

The three models include an electric bikeshare eBike, an electric mid-drive cargo eBike, and a mid-drive eTrike with two wheels in front.

Pete's eBikes Get Three New Models

The electric bikeshare eBike is intended to provide those with less physical ability and those who would prefer not to arrive dripping in sweat an easier ride, even in terrain with more hills than your average flat suburbia. Including a Panasonic mid-drive motor and battery system, the bikeshare bike will be kept safe using an advanced charging and locking system, and be distributed by Bike In, a manufacturer of electric bikeshare stations.

Pete's eBikes Get Three New Models

The mid-drive cargo bike will allow riders to transport large loads wherever they want, thanks to the mid-drive Panasonic motor system and a cargo system based on the Xtracycle products. The mid-drive takes advantage of the gearing system on the bicycle, offering a seamless pedal-assist.

The third bike revealed was the mid-drive eTricycle, which provides riders with stability and mobility. Designed around the Panasonic mid-drive motor system, the bike has two wheels in front and one at back. Clearly, this bike offers stability not found in traditional two wheels in-back tricycles.

Source: Pete’s Electric Bikes

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  • The Cargo is a rebadge Surley Dummy cargo bike.

  • rkt9

    It would have been nice to see a photo of the trike, and also some prices. I like the cargo bike concept. Would be nice to have some idea how much it will hold, i.e. 12 packs of beer, gallons of milk. I already have a touring bike, so a cargo bike would be nice for making short trips to the grocery, instead of using my car.

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