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Published on September 24th, 2012 | by Nicholas Brown


Denmark Reaches 2020 Goal for Solar Energy 8 Years in Advance

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Denmark has already reached its 2020 goal of 200 MW solar power generation capacity. This was largely attributed to net metering, which is a more economical and simple way to utilize solar energy than an off-grid setup that relies on expensive batteries that need replacement.

Solar Panel Installation in Denmark.

Why the Demand for Solar PV Panels in Denmark Exploded

Regarding reaching this milestone so early, Kim Schultz, the project manager of Invest in Denmark, said:

“The demand for solar cells has increased dramatically since net metering was implemented in 2010. Net metering gives private households and public institutions the possibility of ‘storing’ surplus production in the public grid, which makes solar panels considerably more attractive.”

“Denmark benefits from a strong design tradition and this also characterizes the Danish solar sector in which aesthetics and thinking ahead of user needs is a central part of product development. This means that solar solutions are more likely to meet consumers’ demands.

“Last but not least, Denmark has a unique energy system with a very high share of renewable energy. This makes the energy system very suitable as a platform for Smart Grid technologies, which are a key element to fully exploit renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind energy.”

Denmark has a much larger wind energy target set for 2020 — to obtain 50% of its electricity from the windDenmark has also been a world leader in low-cost green transportation — in particular, regarding bicycles. Copenhagen (Denmark) and Amsterdam (in the Netherlands, of course) are well known as the best large cities in the world for bicycling.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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  • This is where we should be in competing. NOT on spend the most on Military. US spends more than the next 13 combined.
    US $711 Billion next highest China $228. Think if US had spend the extra 1/2 trillion each year the last 10 years on solar, wind and storage, who would own those markets today.

    Just another way to look at it if you don’t want to cut give aways to oil, gas, coal.

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