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Public Transport Makes Dollars and Sense (Infographic)

July 26th, 2012 by  

Ready for some math that will stun your abacus? Check out this Credit Donkey infographic below about the benefits of public transportation.

To whet your appetite and pull out some of the big ones for me, check out these facts and figures thanks to public transport:

  • 102.2 billion fewer miles traveled
  • 340 million gallons of fuel saved due to less congestion
  • 37 million metric tons of CO2 are not released

The infographic makes it totally clear that using public transport saves us dollars and makes sense. Here it is:

public transportation infographic

Source: Planetizen

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  • I have wondered if we would be better off with free public transportation in Australian cities.  However, I have been too lazy to actually try and find out.

    • I would bet on it. 😀

      But not too much money — haven’t crunched any numbers, either. 😀

      • If a person is slow and takes a minute to find their money, pay for their ticket and take their change, that costs about 40 cents in bus driver wages in Australia, not to mention the lost time for everyone in the bus.  And that is also time that the engine is running so maybe another 10 cents or so for diesel or LPG.  And it’s time that the bus isn’t actually transporting passengers resulting in greater capital stock of buses than is actually required.  So free public transport won’t cost quite as much as some people might think.  And it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing.  For example, here in Adelaide we have some free public transport in the city centre and it would be easy enough to gradually expand the free area.

        • Good points. Really, loading time and such was great in Chapel Hill, where public transport was free. And we don’t have pay the driver here in Poland, so i forgot about all that. You buy the ticket ahead of time or from a machine on the tram or bus, and then you validate it yourself once on. Speeds things up a lot.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Swipe money. We’ll be there for smaller purchases soon. Lots of places are starting to use some sort of electronic money already. Paris Metro, for one. Bangkok subway, for another.

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