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Published on July 11th, 2012 | by Charis Michelsen


1500V Photovoltaic Operation from Belectric

July 11th, 2012 by  


Belectric, a world market leader in photovoltaic system integration, has integrated the world’s first 1500-volt operation into the grid. The open-space solar power plant is the first to utilize the full power bandwidth defined by the European Union’s Low Voltage Directive, and could result in significantly more efficient grid integration.

The new power plant has been under development and construction for the past few months, with a number of well-known companies participating in the project. The 1500V inverter station was delivered by Padcon GmbH (the ones that specialize in power distribution systems and plant monitoring), and the fluid-cooled outdoor central inverter was built by Power Conversion (a subsidiary of GE Energy in Berlin).

Uses All The Bandwidth

For the first time in the history of photovoltaics, a solar power plant is using the complete power bandwidth outlined by the low voltage directive. In theory, it’s the new standard for solar power plant technology. In theory, the use of the entire power bandwidth reduces cost significantly in the cable system and also in the power electronics, which would also correspondingly reduce network expansion costs. The end result? Lower costs for the end user.


Bernhard Beck, CEO of Belectric, said:

“We have a corporate responsibility to reduce the costs of solar power generation through constant innovation. This is the basis of our development strategy, and that’s why we’re going to succeed in the long run.”

Beck’s new solar power plant technology can be integrated into existing grids worldwide with no problems. Belectric feels that the open-space power plant, able to provide reactive power around the clock, will be vital to stabilize a network dominated by renewable energy.

Source: Oekonews.at
Image Credit: Belectric

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