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Fossil Fuels twitter storm fossil fuel subsidies

Published on June 19th, 2012 | by Joshua S Hill


Twitterstorm Calls for End of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

June 19th, 2012 by  

twitter storm fossil fuel subsidies

The popular social media network, Twitter, has been host to a massive 24-hour campaign aimed at pressuring leaders at the Rio+20 summit to cut fossil fuel subsidies. The #EndFossilFuelSubsidies campaign started at 8am GMT yesterday and hopes to call attention to the issue so that it will be addressed at the summit.

The hashtag did manage to become a Trending Topic on Twitter by mid-morning, though it fell off eventually, despite numerous posters continuing to use the tag.

“This world has a few problems where a trillion dollars might come in handy — and we’d have a few less problems if we weren’t paying the fossil fuel industry to wreck the climate,” said Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, one of the groups organizing the Twitter campaign.

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  • It’s a good campaign. I hope that something comes of it.

  • Although only a part of the Rio+20 conference, the oceans have the solution to some of our most pressing global problems such as energy generation and food security. But what it cannot do is to change the fixed mindsets of our political masters and world industrialists. Both of these change-masters have different agendas to that of humanity. One lives for controlling power and the other for great wealth for the few (shareholders and themselves).
    That is why Rio+20 will fail the world’s people in a catastrophic way in the long-term
    Over the last 300 years we have built a false and unsustainable world for humanity. Indeed we now live in an artificial world order that can never survive and eventually humankind will cease to live as an intelligent species. Since the term MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) was expressed, our world has been living on borrowed time. Indeed the world is now more than ever dividing itself on the altar of nationalism and self-interest. I give no more than five years for the EC to break up and nations in the West to go their own way. But I also see on the other side of the coin, as Europe and the West disintegrate, that the East and nations like Russia will come ever closer together. This will create a formidable economic block and where a weakened western civilization will be more prone in the future to lead to conflict.  History shows that  global wars are economic and this will not change in the future. This is not based upon unsound expectations, but the sheer fact that the world’s economic power is transferring eastward and that we shall have around 10 billion humans by 2050, all struggling for natural resources to preserve their way of life. Increasingly what is deteriorating constantly between western nations is communication, cooperation and collaboration but where due to these facts, we should be coming closer together to preserve our planet. Indeed the latest Rio+ 20 Conference decisions by the world’s nations (decisions predominantly made by the richest nations as they own the UN to all intents and purposes) will simply be another nail in the coffin of human sustainability and existence, as nations dilute what was already agreed in 1992.
    Pointers to why Rio+20 will fail is because big business will not want to deviate from a global strategy that puts great wealth into the hands of the few (shareholders and main board directors) and poverty into the hands of over 60% of the world’s population. For global concerns consistently act covertly, only think of the bottom-line and at times act totally against humanity’s very existence.
    For no longer can we sustain ourselves with the prophesy of wealth for all through globalization and capitalist economics. How this has now been shown to be a sham for over 90% of the seven billion human inhabitants living on planet Earth. Therefore considering where we are heading and the dire consequences for humanity we simply have to start working as one planet as Einstein and others determined, but where our political masters took no heed before. It is also becoming very clear that the price of our present economic systems will eventually be the extinction of the human experience. Are we therefore really as intelligent as we think?
    Dr David Hill Chief Executive World Innovation Foundation

  • Great campaign, we need more stuff like this. We should not subsidizing destruction of our planet.

    P.S. I love David Roberts tweet! lol

  • Great catch on the David Roberts “pee on toilet seat” quote.

    We added it to our collection of climate soundbites & metaphors at ClimateBites

    Look forward to featuring more of your work!

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