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How to “Hot-Rod” an Electric Car

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When we think electrical cars, we are usually trying to be practical, grounded to the Earth… or trying to save it. Some cars are mostly for show. Others are tuned for performance. This Youtube video below posted by Car and Driver is just plain fun. They raised the question of what could be done to a stock Nissan Leaf to make it drive more like a Porsche 911 Carrera S. The goal was to try to get 1.0g out of the electric vehicle as they pressed it around a skid pad. For that they needed some sticky tires, and they tried lots of them.

Gone is any concern of economy, the environment, or where to get that next drop of oil. Here we’re only looking at an electric vehicle for the performance that it offers. Similarly, the White Zombie EV can perform very well on a drag strip, helped by no need for a transmission or slowing up for gear changes. Gear changes are necessary for a petrol engine because the maximum torque is usually limited to a range of about 3000 rpm to 5000 rpm. The White Zombie uses a special double electric motor for its amazing results:

What is crucial for both of these situations is the electric vehicle’s immediate torque from 0 RPM that pulls the vehicle with seat-pressing acceleration. Tires are important, but there is no use “sticking to the road” if the vehicle can’t move. You can find other video’s of the White Zombie on the Plasma Boy website.

Photo Credit: The Lightning Car produced by Envirotech

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