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Nissan’s Big Turn On — One Million EV Advocates in 100 Days

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Nissan's Big Turn OnNissan is convinced that electric cars are the way of the future, and it’s doing quite a bit to get the rest of the world to agree. The latest efforts are in the form of “The Big Turn On” campaign, in which Nissan offers a prize of 30 quick chargers to the city with the most participating drivers.

Step 1: Make Electric Car

The contest is just part of Nissan’s push to get its stated goal of one million drivers converted to electric cars; the goal — and the publicity stunt — is to get those consumers to switch within 100 days. The city with the most drivers switching to electric wins the thirty quick chargers (CHAdeMO compliant and capable of recharging an empty battery to 80% in 30 minutes) — a whole new infrastructure.

The 30 quick chargers for the contest aren’t the only ones Nissan has given away, and they’re not the last, either. By the end of this year, Nissan will have given away over 400 quick chargers to various parties. Their ultimate goal is, of course, to sell electric cars; however, where others might look at the short-term and point out the lack of infrastructure making it difficult to practically drive an electric car, Nissan is taking the long view and making that infrastructure happen.

Step 2: ??? Build Infrastructure

Nissan’s quick chargers and wireless chargers both make it quicker and easier to charge an electric car, removing one of the perceived drawbacks of having an electric vehicle. More EVs also helps improve the inner-city air quality. And the more cars sitting quietly and not using battery power in bumper to bumper traffic, the better the air around them smells.

The senior vice president for sales and marketing, Nissan Europe, Paul Willcox said:

“Nissan was the first manufacturer to mass produce an all-electric car – the Nissan LEAF. We recognize the importance of a zero-emissions future and to date, along with our Alliance partner, Renault, have invested over €4 billion into electric mobility. Now it’s time to tell Europe about the benefits and demonstrate the Nissan LEAF is a real alternative today, and ‘The Big Turn On’ is designed to do just that.”

Step 3: Profit!

Nissan also hopes to dispel many of the myths surrounding electric cars. The Leaf already has a 95% customer satisfaction rating (leading the country), and was awarded European and World Car of the Year 2011. Nissan now wants to show that the Leaf is safe and economical. Most daily trips — and when I say most, I’m talking the vast vast vast majority — are perfectly within the capabilities of an electric car. The Leaf’s homologated range of 108 miles is way in excess of what most motorists drive on a weekday.

The goal of reaching one million potential EV advocates in France, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands is of course to boost electric car sales, because Nissan firmly believes that future transportation will be electrically driven. If you’re in Europe, you can participate at The Big Turn On Website, at Nissan’s social media channels, or by signing up for a Leaf test drive. Participants outside Europe… well, give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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  • And in other “surprising” news, CleanTechnica loves Nissan long time. 
    Gee, I wonder if a US company makes an all electric vehicle? Why yes, at least three do. Yes, Clean Technica mentions them, sometimes. I know, I’m so old-school. Foreign companies make cars here!!! See, it’s all good, except when it’s not – like foreign companies hating unions, and living wages for workers.
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