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Shocker: Conservative Fox News Guest Tears Up Conservative Lies About Chevy Volt

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Chevrolet Volt – Obtained from Dave Pinter on Flickr.

Wow, another extreme conservative is getting Bob Lutz, GM, and the Chevy Volt’s back… this, time on Fox News! Thank goodness someone can get the chance to debunk at least ONE of the network’s many, many, many,… many lies. Here’s more from Joe Romm of Climate Progress (note: if you watch the video, it’s still chock full of numerous other lies and myths… what else can you expect?):

It’s one of the most remarkable interviews ever seen on Fox News. Yesterday, a conservative guest debunked all the destructive myths their pundits having been perpetuating, decrying their “fetish for demonizing the Volt.”


Conservatives, led by Fox News, have been pushing a variety of lies about the Chevy Volt. They’ve falsely asserted that it is unsafe and a creation of the Obama administration, using absurd terms to discourage sales like, “exploding Obamamobiles.”

This relentless partisan campaign against American products and American jobs has been so successful that GM CEO Dan Akerson suggested it contributed to lower than expected demand, “We did not design the Volt to become a political punching bag and that’s what it’s become.”

Yesterday, in an astonishing burst of candor, Fox & Friends has set the record straight with its story, “Can the Chevy Volt help win the War on Terror?

Their conservative guest, Lee Spieckerman, CEO of Spieckerman Media, a self-described “drill, baby, drill guy,” debunks every single right-wing myth about the Volt, noting:

I love Fox news, and I feel like I’m kind of attacking my own family here. I love O’Reilly, I love Neil Cavuto, I love Eric Bolling, but like a lot of my fellow conservative, they seem to have kind of a fetish for demonizing the Volt.

They are perpetuating the myth that the Volt was some kind of Obama administration green energy fantasy that as you say was forced on General Motors during the bailout.

It’d been in development two years before Obama was elected. And it was championed by … Bob Lutz, who is a conservative and a climate change skeptic.So you know it’s a myth.

The tax break for buying the Volt was implemented by the Bush administration. It was not  something that was implemented under the Obama administration.

So unfortunately, there have been a lot of myths perpetuated.

Fox debunking itself — now that is must-see TV, something I’m not certain you’re ever going to see again.

Watch it:



The Fox host, Steve Doocy, actually says, “I’m glad you brought up the myth that so many people think that Barack Obama came into office a shoved this down GM’s throat.” Yes, Fox is shocked, shocked that people believe a lie that they themselves have been repeating endlessly.

And who could have imagined Fox would run a chart about “how much energy we could save” with the Volt. Alternative fuel vehicles are good for national security? It’s like Fox has temporarily been taken over by … its own pundits before 2009 (see Fox News Argued Getting Off Of OPEC Oil With Alternative Fuels Was ‘A National Security Issue’. Then Obama Won).

Spieckerman called the Volt “an anti-terrorist weapon” after pointing out:

“I don’t see what’s so conservative about wanting to send $35 billion a year to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela for his oil or to send $70 billion to Middle Eastern OPEC countries.  I don’t see how that’s conservative…. The Chevy Volt is by far the best way to bring all American energy … to our  automobiles….  It is the safest car on the road.”

Spieckerman also calls the Volt, “the iPhone of the American automobile industry,” explaining that it will come down in price like computers and flat screen TVs have.

I can’t wait for the segment on how conservatives should support a price on carbon pollution because it would save energy, cut the deficit, and boost national security.

Photo Credit: Dave Pinter

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  • Enpowers

    As a Volt owner, I am blown away by both the car and by this interview. Makes my heart go pitter-patter. Spieckerman speaks the truth! Fox network speaks the truth!

    There will always be supporters of the past due to price and plain old fear of change. That’s OK, technology always overcomes those problems at the end of the day. What’s harder to overcome is pure politics.

    Let’s look at the Volt (and other EVs) as advances in technology and transportation and leave the politics out of it. And that is what Spieckerman is talking about.

    Way cool.

    • Thanks for the note. If you’d like, I’d be happy to feature an owner review of the Volt from you! 😀

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  • MarkM

    When I see “Thank goodness someone can get the chance to debunk at least ONE of the network’s many, many, many,… many lies.” at the beginning of article you can be sure you are not getting an unbiased opinion. I find it funny that you don’t say the same about the liberal media. News is no longer news. It is entertainment. Don’t be fooled by either side.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Well, Fox has earned a unique position on the truthiness continuum.

    • Because one should not express the fact that FOX lies more than a baby cries? I’ve seen plenty of studies showing how FOX News viewers are less informed than others, and there are so many lies expressed on the network every time I see a clip, it doesn’t compare to another network or show, except maybe the Colbert Report, but those lies are jokes mocking networks like FOX.

  • looks like Fox News’ tides were turned

  • Steve Chayer

    We have not addressed the energy consumption needed to charge all of these vehicles. The inherent inefficiencies would demand more consumption of fuel not less.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Let’s address those inefficiencies, Steve.

      First oil. The typical gasmobile wastes about 80% of the energy in a gallon of gas. What to know where it goes? Stick your hand on your engine block after you’ve driven for a while. Hold you hand against the tail pipe. (Don’t really do that, but think about what would happen if you did.)

      And that’s just part of the waste. A significant part of the barrel of oil extracted from wells is burned to refine the crude into gas/diesel/etc. Electricity is purchased, coal is burned, natural gas is burned – lots of energy gets used to turn oil into fuel. More energy wasted.

      And let’s throw in the wasted energy used to drill/pump/transport/distribute oil.

      Overall, tremendous inefficiencies. It could be that only 5% of the energy in a gallon of the stuff down in the ground is actually used.

      Now let’s address the energy consumption needed to charge EVs and PHEVs.

      There are losses if we burn fossil fuels to create electricity. But we’re in the process of transitioning away from fossil fuels. And coal/gas plants are more efficient than ICEVs.

      Of course there’s no fossil fuel energy loss if we’re talking about electricity from renewable sources.

      We loose a very small amount of electricity in transmission. There’s about a 10% loss in battery charging. EVs are very efficient, they waste only 10% or so of the energy in batteries – 90% goes to moving the car forward.

      The energy coming out of wind turbines and solar panels – we’re wasting roughly 25%.

      5% vs. 75% – There’s no contest.

      Gasmobiles are the energy black holes of transportation. We throw away an incredible amount of energy moving ourselves around with this outdated technology.

  • Catfishjuggling_redux

    Am I the only one who remembers Hannity pimping the Volt all the freaking time????

    Clearly, GM just signed a deal to start advertising on Fox.

    • PaulScott58

      “Clearly, GM just signed a deal to start advertising on Fox.”

      Or threatened to drop advertising from Fox…

  • dhirensavalia

    The thing about the Volt is that the foreign car companies have produced vehicles like that for years. The only difference is that it is an American made car. Also, my biggest problem with Lee Spieckerman was that he said he loved the car when he drove it, but he didn’t say he owns one himself. He is bringing up these great points, but it seems like he doesn’t even own the vehicle.

    • PaulScott58

      There really isn’t anything like the Volt anywhere, not yet anyway.

      Whether he drives on now isn’t material. The words he said were enough. He’ll get one eventually, probably his next new car purchase.

      Let’s not rag on the guy who is doing us a huge favor here.

    • Not the same car at all. The European version of the Volt, the Opel Amera, and the Volt just jointly won European Car of the Year:

  • Cowboy121

    Sorry guys, but bashing Fox doesn’t make the Volt any better or worse. The car is not a success (see sales figures) and FOX NEWS lies for the Right no more than CNN,MSNBC etc. lie for the left.

    • Voxy Brown

      And that makes it okay?

    • Bob_Wallace

      The Volt sold 7,761 cars in its first year. (Fox number.)

      The Toyota Prius and Honda Insight sold a combined total of 9,350 in their first years.

      If you want to claim that a car that sold almost as many units as two other first year successful cars I’d like to hear your logic….

      (The Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, had total sales of 17,345 in 2011, their first year. That’s 1.9x better sales than the first year of hybrids.)

    • Dale Top

      How does that make it okay? You know they are lying to you. But you think it is okay they are lying to you, because someone lies as well? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

      • dabble53

        It makes sense to the typical right wing nut jobs….proof in the comments here.

    • Exactly, and geocentrism is just as valid as heliocentircism.

    • the car won Car of the Year in Europe ( ),
      and as pointed out by others here, it was doing fine on sales before the media hoopla over a non-issue.

  • Jimmy

    The Volt isn’t selling because it is too expensive compared to almost every other hybrid and electric. American car company execs are still delusional. It is so obvious to anybody in business or marketing that that was going to be a flop two years ago. Fox sucks, but they can’t take credit for this disaster.

    • Bob_Wallace

      The Volt was selling fine right up to the point at which there was a gigantic media campaign that pushed the bogus battery fire issue.

      In fact, last fall GM instructed dealers to sell their demo Volts because customer demand exceeded ability to manufacture.

    • PaulScott58

      The Volt is far from a disaster. I’d say there are much closer to a grand success. The car business isn’t as simple as you think it is. Launching a new technology, as well as a new car is expensive and difficult. The sales are fine, and will get better.

      Once people understand that this technology addresses three implacable problems that effect us all, the sales will skyrocket. But what’s needed mostly are the cars. I sell the LEAF in LA and can’t keep these cars on the lot. I need more cars!

      Now that the new Volt is out and can get HOV access and the CA rebate, they are hard to find in SoCal.

      Had the Fox people not conducted this anti-EV campaign, but instead championed the technology, we’d closer to our goal of reducing imports to zero.

      That can’t stop it, but they succeeded in slowing it down. Bully for Fox, too bad for America.

  • anderlan

    Live by hyperbole, die by hyperbole. The funny thing is that the Volt was almost a straw man, not the strongest EV or hybrid or plugin hybrid to make fun of. Now the straw man is Super Man. I guess that makes the cheaper (and each also better in other ways) options like the i, Leaf, and expanded Prius line now appear God-like.

  • Bob_Wallace

    Here’s something I put together last night in response to yet another “VOLT BATTERY FIRE!!!” post…

    “On Monday, BMW announced it is recalling 1.3 million cars worldwide because the battery cable cover in the trunk might be incorrectly mounted.

    When that happens, BMW says the electrical system can malfunction, meaning the vehicle could fail to start, or in the worst cases, the system could char or catch fire.”

    “BMW is recalling 89,000 Mini Coopers in the United States for the same sort of problem that led to earlier recalls of BMW and Rolls-Royce luxury cars.

    The problem, in all the recalls, is that a computer circuit board controlling a turbocharger cooling system can fail. The result: a smoldering water pump and, in some cases, a fire in the engine compartment.

    … some turbocharged Mini cars have caught fire in the same way the larger cars did.”

    “Volvo has issued out a recall for 2,742 of its 2012 S60 sedan and XC60 crossover for a potential fire risk. The NHTSA recall report cites that an incorrect mixture of underbody coating could have been over applied, resulting in “rigid, icicle-like areas hanging from vehicle’s undercarriage.”

    Those icicle-like areas can penetrate the fuel lines causing leaks, increasing the likelihood of a vehicle fire.”

    “For decades, Ferrari sports cars have been known and loved for their quality and their design. However, the new Ferrari Italia model is being recalled from around the world after dozens of sports car owners reported that the back ends of their luxury cars has burst into flames while on the road.”

    “A Nissan recall will affect nearly 250,000 vehicles worldwide over a potential fire hazard with certain models’ fuel sensor.”

    “Ford Motor Company — the second-largest U.S. automaker — has announced a voluntary recall of millions of its popular pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles due to a fire risk.

    Ford is recalling the vehicles because their cruise-control switches could short circuit and start a fire under the hood while parked, the automaker said Thursday.

    “This is a ticking time bomb ready to go off and something needs to be done,” Bob Garcia, owner of a Ford F-150, told NBC News. Garcia’s pickup caught fire nine hours after he parked it at his home. The fire destroyed his truck and part of his home before firefighters arrived.””

    (This one has a great picture of a bright red Ford truck in flames.)

    “It’s been a bad week for Japanese carmakers. First Toyota (NYSE:TM) gets backhanded by the NHTSA over its ongoing unintended acceleration issues–and associated multi-million-car recalls–and now the Honda Fit faces recall over a fire hazard.

    Honda (NYSE:HMC) today announced a recall of 646,000 Fit (Jazz in some markets) compact hatchbacks due to a faulty master switch that could allow water to enter the power window switch, potentially causing a fire. Of those, 140,000 cars in the U.S. are subject to the recall.

    While not as wide-ranging as the Toyota recall, the Fit recall, which affects 2007-2008 model-year cars, is no less dangerous. The car fire could potentially start at any time, causing property damage and personal injury–especially if while the car is driving down the highway, or parked in a garage. Already several vehicle fires have been reported, prompting Honda to issue the recall.”

    Makes you wonder why so many news agencies made so much to-do about the one Volt battery fire in a test situation.

    Things that make one go “Hummmmmmmmm…….”.

    • Rking

      It’s not that I have heard anything about some sort of unsafeness, it’s simply that I need a larger vehicle to get work done. The Volt is probably great for anyone not towing trailers, driving 400 miles a day, or not needing 6-8ft of cargo space. I don’t own a small vehicle because then I can’t make a living. Pure and simple.

      • Bob_Wallace

        That’s not a valid argument against the Volt. It’s also not a dump truck.

        Now, it’s just fine for someone who wants to drive 400 miles a day. You’d have to stop once and fill the tank, but you’d have to do that with just about any gasmobile.

        Pure and simple, the Volt doesn’t work for me, either. I need 4wd and some rear cargo space. You and I will have to wait for a PHEV or EV that works for us.

        But consider the difference if you had a PHEV pickup with which you could drive 40 miles each day using electricity. Lots of folks who work out of their trucks don’t drive a lot of miles a day if they can help it, they try to find jobs closer to home in order to avoid drive time and cost.

        If you were, way, wiring houses within a 20 mile radius of where you live you might be able to put in a full week’s work while using almost no $4/gallon fuel.

        A full sized pickup getting 20MPG would cost you 20 cents per mile for gas. 40 miles would cost you $8/day for gas.

        If you could charge over night at $0.08 and your pickup used 0.5kWh/mile then you could drive a mile for 4 cents and 40 miles would cost you $1.60.

        And that savings would hold even if you drove more per day. The first 40 of each day would cost you 4 cents per, the rest would cost you 20 cents per.

      • That makes perfect sense for you and your particular needs, but an awful lot of people simply don’t need the extra carrying capacity, and I suspect that includes a non-trivial portion of people who own SUVs and pickups, especially the kind that don’t have a speck of dirt on them. I don’t think anyone was suggesting that the Volt was a one-size-fits-all car for everyone ever though.

  • MEGO


    Isn’t your astonishment a tad naive? This was not a piece of breaking news or a walking back of partisan rhetoric–the video segment is basically an infomercial. GM wrote these guys a big check, directly or indirectly, and it is an easy choice between red states and greenbacks for Fox. Who is this “media consultant?” Bob Lutz one of the greatest execs in Detrioit history? Doocy even looks off-camera at one point to repeat Speickerman’s talking points.

    • Bob_Wallace

      That’s interesting.

      So you’re saying that Fox News broadcasts lies for money.

      Who would have ever expected that?

  • wdodd

    To The FoxNews Team: It’s about time that you guys started living up to your ‘fair and balanced’ motto. This is the first honest report on the VOLT that you have presented. I will now reconsider my promise to myself to never watch FoxNews again after all of the VOLT lies and negatrive spin – especially the Lou Dobbs/ O’Reilly and Eric Bolling reports. Glad that you guys are back to reporting the truth.

    • Bob_Wallace

      You’re kiddin’, right?

      Because Fox airs one piece that tells you the truth you’d go back to trusting stuff from that site?

      Watch to see if their conservative guest, Lee Spieckerman, CEO of Spieckerman Media is every invited back.

      Better yet, continue not watching, that’s the best way to keep getting smarter….

    • The piece was still chock full of a dozen or so lies and myths. 😀

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