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Published on March 28th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


India Throws More Support behind Clean Energy

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solar panels india

India’s looking to further boost its economy with clean energy subsidies and tax breaks, its latest budget indicates. Later this year, the nation is expected to launch its 12th five-year plan. Under this plan, solar equipment and other clean energy technologies would find themselves exempt from taxes as the nation works to increase infrastructure spending.

“In order to fully realise our potential in the realm of solar energy, solar thermal projects need encouragement,” Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in a recent budget speech. “I propose to fully exempt plant and equipment etc for the initial setting up of such projects from special countervailing duties.”

Companies producing lithium-ion batteries, LED lights, and other such technologies will be in a similar situation.

“In contrast, import duties on SUVs were raised to 75 per cent from 60 per cent, while the excise duty on large cars made in the country was also increased to 27 per cent from 22 per cent,” Business Green reports.

As reported previously here on CleanTechnica, India plans to be getting 20,000 MW of electricity from clean energy by 2020, and solar power is likely to be a big part of that.

Meanwhile, however, funding for pollution control and some other green programs dipped. Hopefully, the clean energy focus will more than cover any shortcomings in those arena… of course, a combination of strong policies in both would be ideal.

“The big car duties may encourage consumers to go for more fuel-efficient cars, but much more aggressive subsidies are needed to cultivate innovation, technology advancement and global competition, so that India can surge ahead to claim global clean revolution leadership,” Aditi Dass, director of programs in India at The Climate Group, said.

Image: Solar panels in India by fredericknoronha

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  • PK Kaushal

    Encouraging roof top solar installations particularly in villages and remote areas in India where people hardly have 5-6 hours a day access to grid power, would be key to efforts for climate change. Development of policy for net metering permitting villagers to pump solar power to grid at higher cost on lines of many europian countries would give a big boost to clean power solutions in India

  • rommel43

    Quick question is it a typo when you say they want to install 20k GW because wouldnt that be the total consumption of the world?

    • Bob_Wallace

      From Wiki –

      “The electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 185.5 Gigawatt (GW) as of November 2011”

      I suspect some extra zeros snuck into that sentence.

      Or perhaps it should have been 20,000 GWh annual. 54.8 GWh per day.

      • Bill_Woods

        Probably a typo/thinko: GW for MW.

        20,000 GW-h/year would be an average power of only 2.3 GW.

        • rommel43

          Based on a related article i figured out that it is a typo and is suppose to be MW

    • i’m really sorry, i have no idea how these typos sneak in there! when editing others’ articles, i’m often shocked at the typos, but i’m double-shocked when i go back to an article of mine (or get caught in the comments) and see one like this! unfort., my only proofreader beyond myself is you readers — so please keep catching anything completely idiotic that my fingers somehow create!

      • Bob_Wallace

        How about we give Zach some love here…

        His budget does not allow for a paid editor/proofreader. And the volume of what he brings us must eat into the time he has available.

        I’m not aware of another site where the person running it is so responsive to fixing mistakes. Most writers seem to use a “dump and run”, never acknowledging or correcting a mistake.

        It’s rare to see someone so frequently interacting with their readers. A little volunteer proofreading on our parts would be a small donation to what I see as a valuable news source.

        • Thanks. 😀 You guys have been, for the most part, very kind when pointing out mistakes. 😀 I just feel like and idiotic when i see them and can’t believe i make them! But following on top of you comment, aside from valuing the discussions that follow some posts, I learn a ton from you all — i really appreciate the extra knowledge you all share way down here in the comments. 😀

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