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Good Clean Fun — Electric Scooters from Vectrix Japan

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Vectrix Japan

One of the cleaner motorized ways to get around town is on a scooter. Even running on standard gasoline, scooters are fuel efficient and have low emissions. They’re also quick and maneuverable, pretty easy to fix if something should go wrong, and they look great. They can be even cleaner, though, with an electric drive.

Enter Vectrix Japan, known for its electric scooters. Its flagship model is titled the Vectrix, and it works fairly well. Yet, the company is improving it as of March 21, with two new models powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Quiet and Quick Two-Wheeled Transportation

Vectrix Japan’s flagship model, the VX-1, is equipped with a nickel-hydride battery. It’s done fairly well for itself, with a range of 35-55 miles (depending on how you drive it) making it a great little vehicle for the scooter’s natural habitat. It does require a motorcycle license (at least in Japan), and has about the same amount of power as a 250cc gas-driven scooter.

The new models, powered by lithium-ion batteries, are both lighter than the original VX-1 and have a substantially longer range. The VX-1 Li boasts 3.7kWh of battery capacity, weighs just 425 lbs., and has a range of up to 60 miles. The VX-1 Li+ has 5.4kWh of battery capacity, weighs 460 lbs., and has a range of up to 85 miles – which is a little more than the range of, say, a Buddy 150cc International on a full tank of gas.

Both scooters are currently only available in Japan, where they’ll make a great addition to the crowded and smoggy streets of Tokyo.

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  • Ajljhowe

    Anyone know if one of these Li batteries is available in the States for an original VX-1?

  • units of measurement hitler

    it’s “3.7kW motor”, not “3.7kWh motor”. kW measures power, while kWh measures energy, not the same thing.

    • units of measurement hitler

      oups, the motor is 21kW, and the batteries differ: 3.7kWh and 5.4kWh

  • Michelle T

    This is OLD news!

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