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Published on March 13th, 2012 | by Charis Michelsen


Spain Gets 100 New EV Charging Stations

March 13th, 2012 by  


Electric vehicles need a recharging network if they are to be at all practical, and the availability of recharging stations is one of many factors determining whether or not to buy an electric car. A leader in the worldwide move toward electric mobility is Spain, with utility company Iberdrola recently installing over 100 EV charging stations in various Spanish cities.

Green Mobility

Iberdrola is following its Green Mobility Plan — electric cars, motorcycles, or bicycles, plus electricity derived from 100% renewable sources, according to the company’s website. It’s completed the process to be recognized in Spain as a recharging manager for EVs (which apparently consists of officially informing the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Trade of intent to act as a recharging manager).

While over 100 charging points have now been installed in Spain by Iberdrola, that doesn’t quite round out a fully realized EV charging network, and Iberdrola is fully aware that more charging stations will be needed. Plans are in place to launch new “commercial charging solutions,” as the company states on its website. So, Iberdrola’s EV solutions will soon be available to all sorts of customers, from individuals to corporate fleets.

Electrifying Spanish Transportation

In Spain, Iberdrola was the first company to consider and act on all aspects of EVs as popular transportation. It says it’s committed to protecting the environment, promoting clean energy, and supporting sustainable development — and it is actually following through on that (rather common) stated commitment.

The company is collaborating with both Spanish public administrations and various car manufacturers (think Mitsubishi and Peugeot) in order to promote EVs. It’s set up the first public car-sharing scheme in Spain, and will also be making electric vehicles available for rental to the general public.

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Source: IBERDROLA | Image: Wikimedia Commons 


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