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10 New Cleantech.. Technologies

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OK, one more roundup post here — following up on my roundups of 10 new cleantech projects, 10 new cleantech consumer products, and 7 green jobs stories roundups, this one is on 10 new cleantech technologies in the works or just out.

  1. Zep Solar recently released an innovative mounting system for solar PV modules. “Zep Solar is able to demonstrate a 4X to 5X improvement in the speed of installing the solar array compared to a competitor’s rail-based system,” Greentech Media reports. “That translates to lower labor costs and lower systems costs.” OK, this is not critical to the product, but I can’t help but note that Zep Solar’s founder and CTO commutes to work in a kayak!
  2. Vestas’ first V112-3.0 MW wind turbines rolled off the production lines in Denmark and were shipped to the Macarthur project in Australia in October. (Video on that below — those things are HUGE.)
  3. “Denmark’s DONG Energy has agreed to test wind turbine manufacturer Vestas’ new 7 megawatt offshore turbine at a new site in which it will invest around 240 million crowns ($44.6 million),” Reuters recently reported. (Can you imagine what a 7-MW wind turbine looks like?)
  4. GE has announced that it is designing 5- to 8-MW wind turbines for offshore wind projects. “For better or worse, General Electric is not ‘most people,'” William Pentland of Forbes writes. “GE Global Research is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy on a $3 million research project effort to develop a direct-drive turbine using a novel transmission design that leverages recent breakthroughs in superconducting technology at GE Healthcare to reduce the total weight of a generator and boost power output.”
  5. Inspector gadget wind turbine blades” may be a technology the future,.. but they are still in an early research and development phase.
  6. We’ve covered it before — tapping kinetic energy from speed bumps. But, news is, New Energy Technologies and the City of Roanoke in Virginia “successfully debuted the Company’s latest MotionPower™-Express system, the world’s first-of-its-kind rumble strip, capable of generating sustainable electricity.” Will have to see where that technology goes.
  7. Silevo, a solar cell innovator and photovoltaic solar module manufacturer, “recently emerged from stealth mode to announce the industry’s best performance-to-cost ratio for solar modules by evolving the use of silicon with new groundbreaking technology,” the company recently announced. “The Silevo proprietary Triex™ technology evolves silicon-based PV as the first hybrid solar solution to combine high-performance crystalline silicon N-type substrates, thin-film passivation layers, and a unique tunneling oxide layer – all in a single solar module. Powered by breakthrough ‘tunneling junction’ architecture, these three materials together enable the Triex module to deliver high efficiency, competitive module costs, and optimal energy harvest. Based on these criteria, Silevo offers the industry’s leading system cost value.”
  8. quietrevolution has launched a new vertical-axis wind turbine that it says “can harness a wider range of wind speeds,” BusinessGreen reports. “The next generation turbine promises a range of improvements on its predecessor, making it the best in its class as a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT),” quietrevolution writes.
  9. GE Energy and Inovateus Solar have teamed up to build new solar carports with electric vehicle (EV) chargers. These will be available for universities, municipalities, office buildings, sports complexes, and more.
  10. “Until recently there did not exist any kind of system of illumination that had more than 30% energy saving,” Science Daily reports, “[but] ACR Grupo, Tecnalia and Eguzkitan [have now] created the Intelligent illumination company, LUIX, which currently markets an intelligent system for public lighting that achieves between 70% and 80% savings in the energy previously consumed.” Wowza! 70-80% savings is big.


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