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Published on October 17th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


Win a Vespa!.. from a Home Wind Turbine Company

October 17th, 2011 by  

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sauer Energy. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve written about Sauer Energy a number of times over the years. About a year ago, the company released a new vertical-axis wind turbine with a unique design to improve the efficiency of this small-scale, clean power option.

With energy prices continually rising (causing not only people’s transportation and electricity bills to rise, but also the price of food and goods), more and more people are turning to clean energy options like this that use free fuel.

It’s just common sense.

Meet Joe… from Dieter Sauer on Vimeo.

As I wrote recently (in two pieces), the small-wind-turbine market has been growing fast. In 2010, the small wind turbine market grew more than in any other year, growing by 26%. Furthermore, as I just wrote a couple weeks ago, a study from Pike Research projects that, by 2015, the market will grow from 50MW to 152MW. Impressive growth.


Bringing more attention to the small-wind-turbine market in an innovative way, Sauer Energy is now hosting a contest to win a a Vespa (model LX 50 4V)! Would love to win one of those little green (relatively speaking) machines. You have an opportunity to do so, of course.

Win a Vespa by doing at least one of the following:


  1. Leave a comment on this post saying which color Vespa you would choose if you win or
  2. Tweet the following message: “I can feel the #WIND flying through my hair when I cruise around on my Vespa! Thanks!

For more, official contest rules are linked above. Good luck! (Wish I was eligible to participate!)

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  • maleka

    i want a yellow colour latest vespa.its my life i dream of it every day and night

  • Jason

    If I won a Vespa, I would like the Midnight Blue Color !

  • sakshi

    i would love if i will win jet black vespa……<3
    seriously i just love it…:)

  • Waco1985

    I don’t know much about all this stuff so I will leave it to the experts I’m just really desperate for a Vespa as all my mates own them and I would struggle to buy one , so I guess I would have an electric blue Vespa as that would stand out from the crowd and if ou like you could advertise whatever you like on it aswell thanks William

  • James

    Definitely blue.

  • Tomarprempal

    hai sir i am prempal tomarand i want to win a home and my dream that one day i will win a beauty home so plz sir i am requesting to you sir that you would gives to me a chance sir thank,s sir and my contact number is 9917648469 so thank,s sir once again sir

  • Anonymous

    I would love a blue Vespa. I remember them when I was younger and was tooling around in my little 65cc motorbike. I used to get around 100mpg. I always thought Vespas were so cool looking!

  • Karsec20

    Gorgeous Green!

  • Dave Peterson

    Midnight Blue Pleaseeeeeeeee! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, the winner has already been chosen.

  • Paul

    The Vespa colour I would choose would have to be matillic blue please

  • Brenda

    Purple, purple, purple!

  • Rearth2

    Two big thumbs up fom a 7 year off gridder…. Whose solar panels look forward to the soft hum of an acompanying small tubine… when finances allow. All Vespa colors are good. Kudos, Rearth2

  • Teighe Thorsen

    I would like a light blue Vespa, should I win.

    *Adds something environmentally friendly that might make her look more appealing as an entrant*

  • Guest

    I would have to go with green <3

  • Holly Deal

    I would be so very happy with a Celeste Blue Vespa!

  • Tsmitty76

    Well Green of course!

  • Rocketsql

    The color of youth, love, and freedom – for me it would be Cream.

    You see, I am an old Vespa rider, my first one in 1966 was a wonderful Cream colored 150GL. I have also owned a stark White 180 SS, perhaps the best Vespa ever built, also a GS, a bright Blue 150, and my current Silver 1981 P200 E which I bought NEW in 1981, so I have been driving it for 30 years – how’s that for energy savings?

    The wind always blows my cares away on a Vespa, and the color I am to the gas stations is invisible!

    Richard – Riding in Minnesota – even today in late October!

  • Anonymous

    Plum color Vespa.

  • Anonymous

    I would choose a Plum Vespa.

  • DaPro

    I saw something today about the Sauer Windcharger, which must be the same thing as the Vespa. Of course, the company is looking for investors and some greedy stock broker out there is trying to push this stock up so he can cash in and get out! However, this appears to be a real product that does exist and has a real life application. Are these power turbines easy to find? And, are they fairly easy to install? How much power can be replaced for a single residential home by the Vespa? I would love to have one if it replaces my electricity service provider! And, I would pay good money for it too. But, even better would be to win one for FREE! I would prefer a tan or beige in color as it would match the color of my metal roof. I live in Louisiana and we always have wind. The Gulf of Mexico winds are pretty steady. I would like to know more about it. Thanks!

  • Marpro

    I would choose blue, green or white.

  • Amanda Weber

    I’d pick a Daring Plum Vespa!

  • Blinking_fast

    If I won a vespa, I’d want a yellow one!

  • I would choose a Vespa LX 50 4V in Montebianco White ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Jamie Vaughn

    I’d choose a yellow Vespa if I won, like the one on the FLCL TV show. It’d be awesome! I want to put up some of these Sauer vertical axis wind turbines once I own a home of my own.

  • I would use white or sky blue to blend into the backgroud, you got too many ignorant people that will be ajainst you for one thing or another.

  • Lilly Sanovia

    I live in a very windy state (SD) but our local electricity company says we don’t “need” wind energy (they own huge coal deposits – go figure!). I would love to win a Vespa so that I could show my local electricity company that I don’t “need” them. Red would be my choice, I want it to stand out and be noticed (and asked about) by all my friends, family and neighbors.

  • Jack

    I want RED. That would stand out anywhere and with
    COOL wind-turbine decals on the rear fenders and a model vertical wind-turbine generator on the handle bar powering a device re-charger, I think a clear message would be sent!!!

  • Amanda Owens

    Orange would be the perfect choice for me!

  • Dennis Jones

    The color blue, like the sky. An electric Vespa would be terrific, but anything to save energy.

  • John

    I’d go with a green one…classy!

  • Al Dunba

    I would, of course, like a “green” Vespa. I like the fresh air so drive a convertible. But a Vespa could save a lot of fuel if I used it instead of my thrsty car but I could still enjoy the wind as I sped along. I think small-scale wind energy – especially a very efficient design like the Sauer unit – could make a major contribution to home energy requirements. I plan to install a small wind turbine and solar cells on my new house and use these to power low demand LED lighting. Solar panels will provide energy during the day but the beauty of wind is that it works at night after the sun has set. Indeed, one often gets more wind at night than during the day.

    Al Dunbar – Irfmo, South Carolina Tel: +1-803-781-4649

  • I would love a blue one! I could get rid of my van then yay!!!

  • I’d go with the Midnight blue!

  • Meg

    Celestial Celeste Blue, so sleek and classy 🙂

  • Heatwave96

    I love the celeste blue. Excellent color. Go Wind!!! Lots of turbines here in Indiana

  • Alexandria

    oooo la la red.

    Can’t wait for more wind solutions. Thanks for spreading information about this company.

  • Fredomatic

    Orange for visibility!

  • MChen

    Midnight blue is my pick!

  • clean air green

  • Baug2000

    Wind is the future … and the future is now…!

  • Vickie

    I choose the Portofino Green so I can keep living Cleaner and Greener! We’ve got to keep getting the important Green message out! Love our planet and it will love us back.

  • Ed

    Another good post. A Vespa would be fun, but I would like rather to see more people using wind power in order to retire a coal burning plant a week. I have come to believe that if enough individuals will utilize wind and solar on their homes then the large institutional energy companies will be forced to change. As a point of common decency they should do that anyway but it appears that most of them will need to be dragged (kicking and screaming) into a clean energy future.

    As to color! I would like the pigment in the paint on MY Vespa to reflect a wavelength that the human ocular system would interpret as being a nice iridescent azure.

    ;} Edward

    • Anonymous

      Haha! 😀

      & totally agree…

  • Richard (darwinIam)

    A Vespa on a stand could also power my potters wheel in a “pinch”.
    The Ener1 batteries could store the wind energy for later use.
    We have NC Wind Measurement (162’anemometer) on a 7000 acre tract for wind power.


  • Lindsayslatten

    If I win I would love the color RED!!!

  • Mike McDaniel

    I would love to have a sky blue Vespa, and feel this is what we all should consider in order to have fun and save our planet at the same time.

  • Frank Grassi

    Green Vespa is my choice. I should win hands down because I am the inventor of Power Towers. This is the powerplant of the future. It is a hybrid wind and gas-turbine that can operate 100% of the time. Read the patent by using Google patents and Frank Grassi.

    All the energy mankind will ever need is stored in the atmosphere and can be extracted “like picking aples from a tree”, but as St. Augustin said:”God sends the wind, but man need to put up the sails”.

  • Brianreho

    My choice of Vespa color would be gloss black. It would look real cool and classy with crome trim!

  • Mpeterson321905

    I’d like a red Vespa to be extra visible and safe

  • Colleenfitzgerald01

    Oh gosh, Espresso Bronze for me, please!

  • Noah Kerwin

    Green is gorgeous.

  • Roel B

    Sustainable green would be nice!

  • Michael Mcnearney

    I would choose a forest green vespa

  • Islandgirl

    A Vespa in lava rock black would be lovely for my commute to the park and farmers’ markets! 🙂

  • Blue, like the sky. Hoping the sky is the limit for the future of Sauer Energy and all clean, renewable energy sources!

  • JerriH

    I would love to win a Celeste Blue Vespa! Thank you! Cheers!

  • ROBO

    Blue and Gray is my choice — let the wind blow!

  • koffcommajen

    Celeste Blue please! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll let Zach choose the color. If I win I’m giving it to him. Can’t use it where I live.

    I had a red one about a half-century ago. They’re fun for city driving, not so much for the woolly hinterlands…

    • Anonymous

      haha, you are too cool (& funny :D)

      i think i’d go with green or light blue or a dark grey(?) if i got one, but my partner (Marika) said she’d want red 😀

      • Anonymous

        I’m changing my mind. I want a red one and I’m giving it to Marika in memory of a late girlfriend whose name was only one letter different.

        Zack is welcome to ride along behind if Marika wishes….

        • Anonymous

          Haha 😀 😀

          Gave me a huge smile with this one 😀

  • brown!

  • Jsmuli2

    I would want a “Satin Black” colored Vespa.

    I ride an eBike to and from work every day, (yes – even in the snow) but some days I wish I had a faster mode of transportation, especially on those nicer days. This would be perfect!

  • holly agliolo

    I want a green
    Vespa…Go SENY

  • LucasHomeServices

    Obviously Eco green! Go Wind! I can’t wait to graduate from LCCC’s Wind Turbine Technician program in May of 2012! I’m ready to work

  • I would choose Celeste Blue. Thanks!

  • Mars

    Dark blue.

  • Kale Elkins

    British Racing Green! Thanks.

  • Dennis Hogan

    Some variation of blue

  • Thanks – Dragon Red

  • Www Abimael_demelo


  • Jimh8803


  • Steven Bloomfield


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