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CO2 Emissions & Pollution — Why Cleantech is Important (Infographic)

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Cleantech is important for job creation as well now, but it’s the economic, health, and quality of life costs associated with CO2 and other pollution that is really driving this extremely fast-growing market. We didn’t realize for a long time, and we tried to deny it after that (and many still do), but the health and ecological costs of traditional fossil fuel energy and dirty tech are tremendous. What we think we save in ‘cheap energy’ is actually much less than what we pay for in reduced health and critical damage to important ecological systems and services.

Global warming gets most of the attention, for good reason (the effects of global warming are tremendous), but the costs of dirty energy and dirty tech go far beyond the effects of global warming. Check out this infographic below for more on CO2 emissions, other pollution, and some of the effects of common types of pollution (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Infographic created by Reuse this Bag, which, believe it or not, produces reusable bags.


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  • Guest

    Your graphic is outdated and here is why:
    The Netherlands Antilles doesn’t exist anymore. It has been separated into 3 islands (Saba, Sint Eustacius and Bonaire) that are now part of the kingdom of the Netherlands and two new independent countries (Sint Marteen and Curacao) inside the kingdown of the Netherlands with the same status as Aruba.

    The Netherlands Antilles was on position number 7, but that should now be corrected. Curacao with its highly polluting refinery should now be in the top 5 of most polluting countries Per Capita. Probably on place 2 or 3.

    You guys might want to correct that.
    Greetings from Curacao.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, can’t correct the graphic as it was just passed on to me by a reader.

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