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10 More Cleantech Stories of the Week

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As always, there were many great cleantech stories that I wanted to cover this week but couldn’t get to. It is literally one of the most frustrating things about this job — too many good stories. Here are 10 more from this week that I was planning to write on but couldn’t:

  1. Germany’s Road to 80% carbon emission reductions by 2050 (without nukes) — two experts on the German experience and how they are going to lead the world on truly clean energy discuss the matter in good depth and clear English over on Climate Progress.
  2. Audi is going to use wind power for its upcoming electric and natural gas vehicles in an effort to make ‘carbon neutral’ cars, Liane Yvkoff of CNET explains.
  3. The BP-, Rolls Royce-, & Shell-backed Energy Technologies Institute is hosting a contest to make bigger and more effective offshore wind turbine blades. Interesting. Bloomberg has the story.
  4. The Department of Energy (DOE) discusses an innovative solar panel maker, Abound, that is scaling up and lowering solar costs while creating jobs over on its blog.
  5. An environmental impact assessment of a “potential pilot park for the world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine is being carried out by Xodus Group. The Hywind turbine may soon be tested off the Northeast coast of Scotland. Engineer Live has more info.
  6. Google is looking to help you control your light bulbs from your cell phone with Android@Home wireless technology. CleanTechnica’s former editor, Ariel Schwartz, writes more over on Fast Company.
  7. Google also got past one more step in the building of a $5-billion offshore wind superhighway (transmission line). The project “cleared the first major hurdle with U.S. regulators,” Reuters reports.
  8. Brightsource Energy’s Rival, SolarReserve, just received a $737-million loan guarantee from the Obama administration for a 110-MW solar thermal power plant in Nevada. Forbes has more.
  9. Japan recently threw its plans for 14 nuclear reactors in the trash. “Taking this as a lesson, we will lead the world in clean energy such as solar and biomass,” the Japanese Prime Minister said in reference to Fukushima and the change of direction.
  10. Enhanced geothermal systems that don’t produce earthquakes? A Connecticut startup says it’s come up with a solution to one of the drawbacks of enhanced geothermal and Technology Review has more info.

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